Always The Brave now recruiting

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    Dec 24, 2017

    Guild Name:

    Always the Brave

    Leader(s) of Guild:

    Richc2000 has founder rights, supported by myself and others

    Requirements to Join:

    We keep guild rules to a minimum but members are expected to:

    - Complete level 1 minimum in GE each week and be willing to play harder when it matters.

    - Fair trade at all times unless pre-arranged as part of a deal. Exchanging at 1:1 within an age, 1:2 down one age and 2:1 up one age.

    - Donate 4fp to a designated Observatory each week.

    - Regular aiding and tavern visiting.

    Resources we have to trade:

    Any era

    Why we rock:

    We are an easy going guild with a sense of humour. Unlike most guilds we also hold occasional guild events. The Burning Bar Challenge to get to 100% in GE, try your hand at competing in a negotiation race, or check out the occasional auto-fighting masterclass. And we're helpful with advice for new players (if you want it).

    And as a special offer to aid our current recruitment drive, selected applicants will receive an exciting free gift!

    For an invite or any questions, message me.