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Allowing members a chance

Should proposers of ideas be allowed to modify to take into consideration, formatting suggestions

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Groovy Prof

Proposal: Allow members that have submitted ideas the ability to edit them, improve them, answer any messages about them and make alterations.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
Yes, Could not see anything, tried my best to find something similar.

Reason: It is detrimental to keep transferring ideas to the 'unformatted' area where other members can not comment, vote or do anything other than a select few.
More detrimental is the fact that the proposer can not answer any critics, modify suggestion or 'Format' it correctly. Many good ideas are being 'dumped' there before anyone else gets a chance to say or vote anything.

Balance/Details: Either refrain from moving ideas to an area that requires privileges, lower the privileges to allow modifications to ideas or an interim area need be assigned so that members proposing ideas can modify the idea so that it is in 'the correct' format, that it can take into account any critics suggestions and allow more than a handful of members to vote on it. After all To get a proper sense of whether an idea is good or not requires more than 6 votes in fact really needs more than 60 votes to get a truer opinion from a wider cross section of players. It would not effect the general idea contribution, submission or archival of such.

Benefit: Moderators can suggest how the proposal should be formatted. Can indicate areas that might need modifying, and a larger proportion of votes could be cast showing a truer representation of the idea.

Abuse: No more than is currently applied. If anything it would mitigate the abuse that is already prevalent by members posting silly comments that can not be defended or replied to, which influences other peoples perception of the idea.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Members can already edit their post.

Other members are not supposed to comment or vote on unformatted ideas

While it might be detrimental to keep transferring ideas to the 'unformatted' area it is even more detrimental to keep coming up with ideas that are unformatted or DNS.

Ideas need to be about the game, not about the forum.

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