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Alchemists Academy


Hello fellow Arvahallians, . The Alchemists guild has decided to make an academy for players to join in. The Alchemists are a very good guild, and have filled up their slots, so with this the decision has been made to make an academy. An academy is where all the new recruits join into, and show that they will be active, and an asset to the guild by helping in-game with trades, and with this, being active in the forum. We are sort of the proving grounds to be accepted into the main guild.

We have no score limits, and we are here to help people throughout their quests to build their empires. If you are a team player, and want to have all the support of a good guild with players that know the game, please drop a line in here, and we will send you an invite. You can also send a PM in-game to me, strodekker, abissa, or stefanceltare. My in-game name is same as forum.

Also, once slots open up in the main guild, we will then ask for you to go into the main guild to fill those slots.

We hope you join, and look forward to playing the game with you guys, and girls.

Have a nice day, and thanks for playing FoE.
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This is the next step in making a great community of Alchemists. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

The Alchemists Academy has the full support from us. Our experienced players will always be there to guide and help. Prove your worth and you might just make it. Becoming an alchemist takes patience and wisdom (reads as being active).

Thanks again Herluth, for his move. We will see how this comes along!

Stefan - Leader of The Alchemists


Just to update, we are now to rank 13 in Arvahall, and still looking for new, active players to join our Academy. If you are wanting to join, let me know, we have a good strong base of goods in the guild already, and all are really active.


I am sending lots of members your way! So expect the number to grow a bit more ;)


Congrats for reaching the 10th rank in such a short time lol. Already 40+ members?


Hello everyone, here to tell you we are still rank #10 with 66 members strong. We have a huge spread of almost all the goods you could need, and we are accepting more members. Also, once you show us you are active, and willing to participate in the guild, you will then be asked to move to the main guild, The Alchemists. So if you are looking for a good, well structured, and friendly guild, give me a message in here, or in game, either way we will get you an invite. There is no score requirements, or battle requirements here, just being active is enough.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the game.


Invite sent to fuzzy68, and welcome to the guild. Lady Bug, what is your in-game name?


Hello, I would like to let you know that we now have a points limit in our guild, we have grown a lot over the past couple of weeks, and we will soon be out of room for people to join.

We now have a 10,000 point limit for new joiners. I am sorry about this Lady Bug, but this is the only way we can keep the guild working right. Please message in-game a guy namee ChomeOzone, he has a guild that has no limits, and would happily accept you.


The Alchemist Academy guild is now recruiting. Please send invite request to Herluth, fuzzy68 or Groucedance. Point requirement is 10,000. Thanks and have a wonderful day.
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Hmmm, I wonder if I should start a town on Arvahall and pester Herluth to let me join :D


Hello. I am Majestas. I am in need of a guild. I am kinda of new to the game, so it might take me a little bit to figure out this guild stuff(and pretty much everything else in the game). Right now my empire is almost half way through the bronze age and expanding its borders every day. I hope that you please accept this. I am on my computer every day, so i will be active (unless I have a ton of homework). Thank you for considering me.


We are The Academy of Alchemists!
Recruitment is OPEN!
Guild point requirement is 10,000 minimum and must be active by participating in forums, and battle's. Inactive's over 7 days WITHOUT NOTICE are subject to boot.

For invitations please contact: Herluth, Grousedance, or Fuzzy68.
All members: please Follow and Participate in the guild forums for information and announcements.