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Aid All / Visit All Buttons


Proposal: In addition to the current aiding and tavern visit options, some buttons to visit and aid everyone available in that specific list in a single click.

Reason: With a neighbourhood of 70~, many guilds having between 30-60 players and then anything upto another 140 in the friends list it takes a long time to go through each list and press the buttons individually.

Even for those that stagger the aiding/tavern visits for the sake of completing events it would be a big help as it'd only aid those that are ready to be aided.

Details: There'd be two buttons. One for aiding and the other for tavern visits, both independent from each other. For the sake of not taking up too much space they can be put on the same panel.

Visual Aids:

Friends List

Guild / Neighbourhood

Balance: The biggest impact will be the individual aid buttons will be used less often in a active manner. However the individual aid buttons will still be of high importance to keep. In order to see which players are active many will aid through the event window and remove the players that still have a aid button active.

Abuse Prevention: Not much to abuse. It's no different then aiding other then you don't have to click everything individually. There's already a 24hr timer to give it balance

Summary: Add buttons that aid everyone within the list you have opened up. Eg, If you click it on the friends tab it'll aid everyone on your friends list.


only as premium feature
(like collect everything and start new productions)

active players have an advantage
or players who pay have an advantage
but not players with one click gets everything


Why not a button at the start of the game that performs all actions you need, like do your GE fights, collects what needs to be collected and so on. Maybe they can make it so you don't even have to log in.


please tell me that;s being sarcastic with the not needing to log in.

GE needs input and always will.

Collecting all goods off your town is already implemented but requires diamonds to do so.


But I'm still asking for a button xD Just another button rather then 140 + 30-70 + 70~ buttons (and that's quite the sarcasm you've got going :P )


Please, add it. I know that some people like aiding everyone individually, but it would enhance game experience for the rest of us.
Not sure about cutting down aiding to this kind of level. I think a filter on the social bar to only those aidable (and another to filter to only those with tavern visits possible) might be better.


And still it took you close to two weeks before you realized you could use it. That is really sad. You totally let opportunity pass you by. That's a 2 year waste.
Well as I never looked at this thread till yesterday, I do wonder at how it took 2 weeks :?

I never normally look at aid all button ideas as they will never be introduced. People have been asking for them for over 2 years.

It must be a Premium Button and Absolutely NO BP"S Collected -- Lazy, Lazy, Lazy - It's the only way - And make sure it's labeled "That Was Easy"