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Aggressive guild is recruiting!


Guild Name: Aggressive
Leader(s) of Guild: Skaftafell and Moltensmith

Requirements to Join: There are no restrictions to the level of your era, however, we do require that you are active on both the Guild Expedition map (at least first level completed each week), and willing to contribute your recruits for either defending, or progressing. We are currently on the Iron Age and Late Middle Ages map, looking for people willing to help us progress there. Also, at this time, we typically unlock up to level 3 in the Guild Expedition map, and graciously accept guild treasury donations to keep this ongoing.

Why we rock: I know many of you are looking for a drama-free guild. I see this on the threads all the time! Aggressive has never had any drama, and we are honorable and big-hearted people! We enjoy playing on the GvG maps and have worked tirelessly to progress there, albeit slow! We would like to speed up that progression, so we need you! We have a massive sense of accomplishment when our small guild can actually take sectors from large guilds! If you want to join a guild that plays the game with honor and lots of fun, our doors are open. We would like to grow into an active GvG team, and there are huge opportunities for anyone to show leadership and strong strategic skills on the maps.

If this sounds like a guild for you, give me a shout! Let me know what you can bring to this guild, whether it's recruits for GvG, resources to progress on the Guild Expedition maps, or even leadership. If you are in a lower era, that is fine, as long as you are working toward building your city to contribute down the road!


**lastly, drama will not be tolerated**