Agents Provocateurs are looking for YOU

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  1. Penetr8or

    Penetr8or Private

    Oct 21, 2018
    Guild Name: Agents Provocateurs

    Leaders / Administrators of Guild:

    Penetr8or - Commander In Chief, Founder
    Poledance87 - Deputy Commander
    Areis Zodiacal - Ambassador

    Requirements to Join: any level, must complete at least level 1 of GE weekly

    Agents Provocateurs was founded in May, 2018. Our current GE record stands at 14-12-3. We have never finished lower than 3rd. Level 3 GE ALWAYS unlocked, and sometimes we unlock level 4, just for fun.

    We want to play GvG, but need more browser-based members to do so. Most of our current members are mobile-only.

    Our 5 and 10 FP swap threads are quite busy, and we recently added a 20 FP swap thread. Leadership style is collaborative, as opposed to authoritarian.

    We're climbing the rankings fast. Join us.
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  2. Dareem Darkwood

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    Nov 13, 2018
    I have joined Agents Provocateurs and I like it because it is a guild where you get support and advice from higher rank players, you feel the guild like a real team and you feel included, our opinions are always taken into consideration and if you bring an issue to team they are very understanding and also they help you to get better at the game, it's been almost two months since I joined and it was a great decision. Join us you won't regret it! see you soon