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City Age appropriate special building artwork



Have special event buildings drawn in age appropriate artwork.


The majority of our city buildings are special event buildings. Our cities would look far more age appropriate if the building architecture actually looked something like the age we were in.


Every event Inno artists spend a lot of time drawing 6 to 10 different versions of the same special building, but for most players all but 1 of those versions only exists in a player’s city for mere seconds. Why not eliminate those inferior, almost never seen lesser versions and use all that artwork time doing a different age version of the final building instead? If you just change for every 2nd or 3rd age it shouldn’t be too much additional work.

Balance/Abuse Prevention:

This proposal does not affect gameplay in any way, being purely aesthetic.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Does not make sense at all. Even if only 1 player in all FoE puts this "inferior" versions in his/her city, you will need those to make a distinction between the different levels. When it comes to your city, Great Buildings are also not age appropriate.