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Do Not Suggest: Age appropriate challenges


Chief Warrant Officer
Apologies if already discussed but in the game we are encouraged from various angles to progress on the continent map either by obtaining goods resources, story line challenges, event and daily challenges and to gain precious expansions when other avenues are closed. New players can race though a bit without realising the implications until too late then putting on the brakes for quests only. Is it unfair therefore in a game encouraging it that a daily challenge requires gaining a map sector by fighting when the opposition is 2 or more ages ahead and with special skills that all the boosts in the world cannot defeat? Is it possible to have an 'either/or' for the challenge whilst equally hard is still possible? The quickest way to alienate and lose players is requiring the impossible. Yes you dont HAVE to to the daily every day but .....

Similarly the story line quests can be flawed when requiring a build from the next age before you have even completed the tech tree in the current one. I had barely achieved HMA when the story required a LMA build and has been sitting there thumbing its nose at me for weeks now. We are constantly advised not to age up too quickly so there must be other ideas for story that are age appropriate? If events can offer an either/or for age restricted players could the daily do the same? (and of course the tv ad for the game omits any reference to fighting for your life by the squidgy characters like the Last of the Samurai facing the howitzers)


Obviously certain quests have to require building things ahead of your age or the game would be too easy.