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Patty Boss

Someone up too there said they would watch the ads than aiding everyone,, sure I thought this too.. but it only works once.. so that means every fukn day watch an add for your friends and another add for your guild and then manually go visit taverns.. I mean I might aswell go run the bath now and get the toaster ready


Like every FoE feature you can ignore those adds
Yes, just ignore the ads, everything still works, you dont have to use them. I actually thought that the “aid all” might be worth watching the ad to save time, but by the time you’ve watched it, then it aids quite slowly, then collect, or see your rewards, you might as well have aided manually, it is much quicker

Xeon of Camelot

This is an interesting topic and from the current feedback many players would be willing to watch a video in exchange for less clicks or aid all.
Good time to take a break or refreshments, come back and collect the rewards.
It's becoming normal to get ads in most tv and streaming programs which are free to watch.
So despite INNO's healthy profits this seems to be the current trend of the games industry with several ways to implement it, for example, free aid activation tokens with any purchased diamond packages or included with special offers.
Please bear in mind quite a few players have already quit over the current long click and manual scroll system of aiding or visiting taverns so I trust Inno will find the right balance and not put off too many players. We can expect quite a few changes to the system in the future.

P.S. not happy only some players have got it enabled. This is ruining my current events as we wait with great anticipation to get this very important feature fully activated.
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My game hasn't been able to load properly since this all got started. When it does load, collecting is slow and I even get unable to connect errors.


I see I left for around half a year and the forums all but died and the game now has adverts trying to be forced in. I knew it was a bad time to launch a new server as with how inactive the newest at the time S world was. Wonder if this game has gone into maintenance mode - they made their money, now they'll just leave it as is while continuing to make the user experience worse. (Like they have been doing for over a year now).


Come on guys... Add abort button to that quest to watch an add. Yeah I know it does not have to be watched but it ends up screwing up recurring quests all the time, abort RQ and RQ goes away until I reopen quest tab. Would not be a problem if I did one a day but doing many is a problem. You are just making your game look very cheap with this


You really ought to understand how things work, before making comments like this. All you know, is the revenue they made. You have no idea what the expenses. Also, they have a number of games (also known as cost centres - in accountingese). You have no idea what the revenue of the FoE Cost Centre is. Just because the company is earning lots of revenue DOES NOT mean the game is earning revenue. Also, even when it is earning revenue, often a break-even is still considered a failure, because the idea is for investors to earn money - not to break even on their investments, So a successful venture is one that maintains a certain valuation and profit.
So, greed or stupidity - much more the ignorant player(s) who do not understand how business works, especially this particular game/company/genre.
So is Forge making a loss, breaking even, or making a profit?