Do Not Suggest: Add levels to Majestic Maypole

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Hi everyone!

Proposal: I propose that the Majestic Maypole be made a multi-level building with 10 levels. Implementation would be similar to current multi-level buildings with the same 3x3 size footprint but increased rewards with each level. Upgrade would require the Maypole Upgrade.

Searched forum for similar?: I searched but could not find this suggestion already posted.

Reason: Many of us accumulate the Maypole Upgrade and upgrade one-or-more of our Maypoles to the maximum. But with only 3 levels, not much upgrading is possible. The value of the Maypole Upgrade reward is very limited.

Details: If we consider that the Maypole gives 1 unit of happiness and 0 units of coins boost; the Mighty Maypole about 2 units / 1 unit and the Majestic Maypole about 3 units / 2 units then each additional level of the Majestic Maypole would add another unit of happiness and another unit of coin boost in the same 3x3 footprint.

Balance/Abuse: The happiness unit is fairly small and the coins boost unit is not large. The number of Maypole Upgrades obtained as rewards is not large. A maximum of 10 levels limits the rewards provided by the Maypole. I don't see the additional levels as having any significant change to balance or providing an opportunity for abuse .

Please vote and let me know what you think in the comments below.
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