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  1. Pigloo

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    May 8, 2018
    Hi all, I have recently set up a new co-operative guild called Active 18 as I have been struggling to find an active guild in Odhrorvar.

    There is only one rule - fair trade.

    There are forge point swap threads.

    GE is encouraged but not compulsory.

    Anyone is welcome whatever your level.

    I am a daily player. There are 3 of us currently in the guild but the more people that join the more will follow.

    In all this guild is all about having fun, enjoying playing the game and helping people out without being too dictatorial.
  2. Dwalefoot

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    I joined Active 18 recently and have been given the opportunity to recruit new members. As the name implies the Guild is very active.

    I am currently looking to recruit members in general, but would like to invite players in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in particular. These players should especially benefit from our active trading in both Goods and Forge Points for Great Buildings.

    So, if you are an active player looking for an active Guild with active Members that aid YOU, then look us up in the Guild List and join us.
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