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Unformatted: Achievements should be rewarded.


Dear INNO programmers, managers and moderators.

Can I suggest the idea of achievements being rewarded? Maybe this will motivate people to actually work towards unlocking certain achievements if they know they have a nice prize waiting for them at the end and also will keep some restless souls busy?

Home sweet home achievement. When you reach final tier - supreme, why not give a premium residential building?
Same thing goes for cultural and production building.

To avoid the system from being abused, e.g., players in higher ages constructing BA buildings over and over again, the game will keep the track of what age buildings are being constructed and reward accordingly. So if you are in Iron Age, constructing Bronze Age residential buildings over and over again will give you nothing, only buildings of your age.
You could go even further by allowing players to discard achievement and start from the scratch but to get another premium building would require more effort.

Upon entering new Era/Age your counter resets and you can start all over again.

At the moment, those achievements aren't doing anything and it's a wasted potential. Players aren't bothered with them.

Also I believe taking top 3 places in a weekly PvP neighborhood tournaments should get some achievement and rewards. I get more medals from leveling GBs then I'll ever get from tournaments.

You could perhaps integrate diamonds to unlock achievements but there always should be a way for non diamond user to get top reward for his/her effort and time spent.

So far achievement system is a wasted potential both for players and INNO.

Thank you for finding time reading this. I hope I was coherent and easily understood.
Yours sincerely


Thank you amigo.

One more idea about "Lock and Load" achievement, which you get by building military buildings. Why not give player ability to unlock 5th slot in a military building which you usually unlock with diamonds upon reaching top tier? So if you build Archery range in IA over and over, you get your 5th unit slot unlocked for that building - Archery range.
Advanced players will never use their diamonds on unlocking 5th unit slot. The only military building worth unlocking all places is Rogue hideout, all others are just waste.

These small changes will enrich game play and show your appreciation for players and in return some of these players might buy diamonds as well. It works both ways.

Groovy Prof

totally agree
What's the point of a hollow achievement?
I'd go 1 stage further and suggest a reward for achieving points, milestones if you will. In our guild we have a 'Nice One Centurion' for getting your first 100k points, then a welcome to the millionaires club, then a 10mil multi-millionaire announcement ...we haven't got any 100mil (billionaires) yet lol. (Maybe a border for your avatar portrait)
But in general an achievement should have a reward.