Forwarded: Abnormally low guild power output


Since yesterday, I noticed that the daily guild power output plummeted for two of my guilds (on Korch and Rugnir).
Please find the GvG logs of my three worlds as joined files below (Korch, Parkog and Rugnir)
Notes: I play the Flash version on Parkog, and the HTML5 version on the other two worlds.
I switched back and forth between Flash and HTML5 on Korch, but to no avail.

As I looked at my Korch guild level progression bar tonight, it looked like the correct amount of XP (normally a daily 20K to 50K guild power) was credited to our bar.
The values as said on our GvG log on Korch were those (as an example):
  • Sunday: 42,542 guild power
  • Monday: 6,763 guild power
  • Tuesday: 8,282 guild power.
On a side note, my Korch guild collected 12.8K guild power in the Expedition so far today.

Maybe it is a display error (probably). However, as GvG will be modified over the next few months (as per the announcements and news from the beta), do these low guild power values foresay changes for the guild power income system in the future?

Thanks in advance for your attention,

PS: extra info:
FoE version: 1.161
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Firefox 60.0
HTML version: WEB 7,1,1,0
Flash version (Parkog): WIN 32,0,0,255


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Beta Community Manager
Thank you for the report, we are aware and it has been forwarded. It is a display issue.