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A new age is dawning in Arvahall!


Greetings Kings and Queens,

A new Age is dawning on Forge of Empires! The long-awaited Industrial Age is now ready to be explored on Arvahall.

We're really excited to be seeing a new era begin in Forge of Empires, and we hope you enjoy the Industrial Age.

Please note that the Industrial Age is active only in Arvahall, so players in other worlds will not yet see it ingame. The Age is being activated in one world at the present time for testing purposes and, once we're sure it's ready, we will activate it in other worlds, too.

Words are not enough, you will have to experience everything for yourself. Can you unlock everything that the Industrial Age has to offer?

Please leave any feedback related to the Industrial Age in the feedback thread.

More information about the Industrial Age will follow shortly.


The Forge of Empires team.


What's included in the Industrial Age:

  • 75 new story quests
  • Sail away to a completely new continent that spans over 8 provinces
  • Meet the natives and their leader, the proud chief Sitting Duck
  • Get drawn into a civil war between the North and the South.
  • Choose your side: Fight for the North, the South, take on both or try to keep the peace with everyone
  • Different story outcome depending on your choices
  • Enter a new area on the continent map that spans over 8 provinces
  • Plus 64 new “normal quests” (that can be aborted or skipped) and 11 new “recurring” quests
  • Go West, explore a new world full of dangers, adventures and excitement
  • Witness what your jester Rinbin does with a wagonload full of bird-poop