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Do Not Suggest: A great building from Battlegrounds fragments

Special great building for Battleground to help with troops?

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It may have been suggested before if so forgive me if i have misssed it.

Create a great building that is raised off fragments only won through battles in the same light as the statue of honour and rewarded at the end of each round.

Make it tough to keep players engaged that as it goes up the lvls more frags are required to complete that next lvl of the great building.

Overall reward payout from the building i would say troops as to compete in GVG GBG and GE now the more the better for this. Make it so that you get 1 extra troop per lvl so 40 troops at lvl 80 per day as an example.

Maybe a secondary reward of goods or something to combat attrition or something else that could help us as players or just make it about the troops overall. The game is crying out for another geat building for troops and this would be a very fair way for everone to get it imo also without making it to unfair to all as everyone would need to battle to get it. It may also then get more buy in from smaller guilds to compete and open up even more doors for battling it out imo.