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Do Not Suggest: A Gift Shop

Would you like to see a gift shop?

  • Total voters

Groovy Prof

An additional shop where players can by gifts for other players. Other players being friends or guild mates.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
Yes, could not see anything similar.

It would help FOE, would make being a friend a little more special, would allow friendships to blossom and become ...friendlier.
At certain times of the year it would be nice to say thank you to friends or guild members. Such as Valentines Day, Christmas...
Could be used by guilds as rewards for doing well or for helping guild. Or just to say thankyou to a player for helping you.

Along the lines of the Antique dealer except no bidding, just a list of items, shelves of a shop, market stall, ranging from flowers, diamonds, buildings, upgrades or surprise gifts.

Visual Aids:
Sorry I'm not that good but would welcome any visual contributions.

It would allow players to thank each other, other than by putting FP on a GB, allow sincere compliments or touching gestures to other players that have helped or contributed to that players benefit. Would be a place to spend the excess millions of coins that accumulate in players accounts.
The majority of presents be available for in game silver coins, and a few presents that might require a minimal 'cash, £, $' amount. (I know all you free loaders are groaning)
Would allow FOE an additional source of income that may reduce the costs of other in game purchases.

Abuse Prevention:
Misuse, possibly...as a means of in game payments for a possible action. Threats to attack if no present given...Both of which could be covered by bullying with the option to report and players found guilty of asking for presents with menace to have account deleted / forfeit their account.

Any abuse could be dealt with easily by existing protocols. Would make a very pleasant addition to game.
Type of presents to be formulated at a later date, to be voted / suggested by players / devs.
Format of presents: either as a list or on shelves of a shop / market stall ...again maybe voted / suggested by players / devs at a later date.