7th Anniversary Contest


Happy 7th year anniversary and good luck to everyone who participates in this contest! Have been playing FoE for all those 7 years, so I guess happy anniversary to myself as well 8-)

How many of the old players are still playing?
Worse than that, if you happen to be already logged into a city then the 'reward' just activates anyway without warning.
A sensible solution (but this IS Inno of course) would be a confirmation dialogue asking if the player wants the 'reward' to be activated in the current city)
There is a thread that i have started in the ides section about this very thing.
please go there and cast your vote.
The more the better chance of it being implemented.

EDIT.... That thread has now been forwarded and closed. Thanks to all who voted. Amazed that 4 people voted NO. :?
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Good luck to everyone!

Edit: Woohoo! :D Thank you Inno games! Wicked Witch for the win!
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