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Event 5 Years of Forge of Empires!


Are the reward buildings the same as they were in beta? Two 2x2 buildings and one 3x3 that have to be touching each other to get maximum bonus? It's a bit of an odd configuration. Also, as was said in beta, is city defence one of the bonuses for having all 3 touching? Not that great a reward in my opinion.
How do we get the 3x3 building? Have completed the event. No 3x3 building! :(((


about the date you joined - it's just under your name to the left of your posting in this forum.

Well, except mine seems to be wrong - unless we were still doing the Valentine's event in May 2014.


are these quests published anywhere? I haven't been able to play until today, and want to make sure I don't do some action early and spoil my chances of finishing the quest line.

sorry - my misundersanding
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Happy birthday FoE. It's been a long journey. I barely ever log in on this server now. Mainly on US now. I am still playing this, 5 years after I started. The game has changed a lot, and sometimes for the worse. But I put up with it. (Which I could not say 5 years ago)


Gratz on 5 yrs......Prize is just not worth the space....2 FPs for 2x2 x2 + 3x3....better off with 2 Skywatch.....pity...

Upapa Epops

Master Corporal
I got my garden ruins today. :D I just logged in this afternoon and there they were in my inventory. I like the little set. It looks nice in my city and I think it is useful too.


Gratz on 5 yrs......Prize is just not worth the space....2 FPs for 2x2 x2 + 3x3....better off with 2 Skywatch.....pity...
In essence it is two shrines of knowledge and a 3x3 building that
  • produces 5 goods of current age (compare to tribal square 4x3)
  • produces happiness
  • produces medals
  • gives 5% defense

That's a pretty nice 3x3 building if you ask me...


Feedback from my guild:
"So when's the next event?"
"Hopefully the sixth anniversary"
"I am so done with these events, I have so many special buildings and nowhere to put them."

Sorry, but these events are just not 'special' any more...