Event 5 Years of Forge of Empires!


It's great that you have made an alternative choice regarding the research quest. How about the ones regarding the continent map? I realize you want it make it somewhat challenging, but for some it can make or break the chance of completing quest lines. Since there is no other way of acquiring the special buildings you introduce specifically for these quests, have you ever considered another option, such as paying diamonds to complete any quest that is impossible to complete. I realize that many will balk at this suggestion, but for everyone of them, there will be others who would be willing to sacrifice some diamonds, (a reasonable amount of course) especially if the buildings were beneficial to them.
Just my two cents worth.
Happy Birthday
5 years on and we are still aiding 40 people and taking a sector without fighting for rewards of buildings no working city will ever build. Awesome Yay!

Can we please have some new quests that engage players more and offer rewards we can use for the next 5 years.

Oh and can you please fix GvG and stop adding bunnies and drones to the pointless wilderness around my city that does nothing more than crash the bits I actually need to play the game.



I remember joining at April 10 or 11, 2012. Good times. Lots of memories in this game. Can't believe it's been that long...

Neo Consumer

Don't worry. Researching tech will be one of quests but optional (you will have an option to contribute forge points to GBs).
Damn, four and a half years of playing and three years of trolling here on forum!
That's great news, thankyou :D
LOL sooo many years... not a single regret though. Absolutely love this game and have made some good friends along the way.


Happy anniversary FoE

I know there are some former players who pop onto the forum for a wee read even tho they don't play these days so a BIG hello to them




She'll take you on a short sentimental ride through the history of Forge of Empires.

Please don't tell us the dreaded fishbones will make a reappearance - so many nightmares over those, lol
I think the time when you could collect stuff only by single clicking and not click-drag was worse.


There's an achievement called FoE Fan Club, it will tell you how many days you have been playing. You'd have to do the math to figure out the exact day you started.
Mine only says "you have reached the highest level of this achievement". Not very helpful.


Question - Will the updated King and Queen be retroactive? I have 5 in one city and would love to get those Set bonuses.
What do you mean by retroactive? The new King and Queen buildings are special to this event, the older versions won't be changed in anyway as far as I know.
Are the reward buildings the same as they were in beta? Two 2x2 buildings and one 3x3 that have to be touching each other to get maximum bonus? It's a bit of an odd configuration. Also, as was said in beta, is city defence one of the bonuses for having all 3 touching? Not that great a reward in my opinion.
City defence and happiness are the bonus of the Garden Ruins (when placed next to other buildings in the set), which is so-so... but the new King and Queen need to be touching it in order for them to produce a Forgepoint each (as well as eachother obv) so it's really a secondary consideration imo.


I think the time when you could collect stuff only by single clicking and not click-drag was worse.
mine reverted to that this morning! obviously reliving old memories! fortunately a cache clear and reload made it behave properly again