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2023 Anniversary Event questions and non feedback comment

40% of my spawn will result in no keys. !00% chance of not getting a key. This is happening too often and my averages so far would suggest a level 8 building is my best bet. Isn't this supposed to be a celebration event and not a torture test.???????????


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I didn't much like this event in beta but having seen the next one (currently running in beta) together with the release of GE5 i've decided to blow the diamonds i have on this one, hopefully it will pay off in time


Warrant Officer
40% of my spawn will result in no keys. !00% chance of not getting a key. This is happening too often and my averages so far would suggest a level 8 building is my best bet. Isn't this supposed to be a celebration event and not a torture test.???????????
You don't always need to make a full key.
Try using a piece to unlock similar ones and maybe clear the board. This will give you a reward and a fresh board to start pairing up keys again.

For example, looking at your attachment:

You could take the unlocked 3pc fire (diagonally down from the converter) and use it unlock the 3pc fire in the middle of the top row. This will turn into a 4pc fire and you can use that to unlock two more 4pc fires. You won't necessarily get a full key but you are clearing the board.
You could also pair the two unlocked 1pc winds into a 2pc, use it to unlock another 2pc which becomes a 3pc, and then you have a 3pc you can unlock.

I've been using this tactic and I've cleared lots of boards, gone onto a fresh one and been able to open many of the top chests.


Warrant Officer
Match and smash all the windows work, you don't need to clear the board.

How do you get the daily specials?
Clearing the board is an option if you're not getting the key parts needed to open the chests.
This gives you a fresh, full board.

As rontom says above, the daily specials are a possible reward when you open the chest.

This mini-game has strategy to it and you may need to swap and change the strategy depending on how the board falls.
I try and make full keys, convert them and open the highest chest to send me further along the Event building path, but if I can see that isn't going to happen because of unlucky spawns then I change tactics and try and clear the board, refresh it and go back to making full keys again.
The game logic is not very apparent at first but once you grasp the dynamics it is really not that difficult. I am having fun with it and have earned a pile of rewards so well worth it.
Yes. definitely worth it. Even if you don't get all the upgrades for the main event building, you can still get lots of fps, goods and other goodies and not least selection kits and other stuff from previous events.
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I try to clear the board as fast as possible. When I've merged 4 pieces with a full key, I use it to clear all other locked blocks with 4 pieces before I convert it.



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Had a laugh today as the Daily quest to get 9 event keys included, in the 5, yes 5, tasks 'pay 1,221,000 coins' that is almost 1 and a quarter million for a Contemporary era city. Yes I had the cash but really? I could have swopped the task but the danger is getting an unobtanium 4500 tavern silver or the ilk. As a lockdown player i have seen the innocuous play free, build your city cartoon morphed into a 'how much can we squeeze players until they quit' this of course leaving server space for newbies who buy a few diamonds here and there then get hooked ...for a while.

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Except for my main, all other worlds are diamond farms where I usually struggle to get the full building. On my main I can blast through all quests on day one. On the farms I usually catch up somewhere near the end. I somewhat followed Mooingcat's strategy, cause I just noticed I did it wrong. I went for 3 x 100 energy per day plus 0+20+40 = 60 for a total of 360 a day. I sometimes cleared the board if there were only a few pieces left, with a high possibility I could merge those and it was cheaper to clear it. Last two days I spend more energy, cause I had energy left. I ignored the daily specials and opened the 2x chest every day. Because the daylies were not interesting I started to open chest towards the end of the event. I mostly opened the chests that gave the most progress. Only diverted from that if I needed to balance a bit. Totally ignored the chests content. My only problem with it was that it was very time consuming.