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2020 Fall Event Building Set Guide!


The 2020 Fall Event is just around the corner, so I would like to share some thoughts and designs for the Event Building Set! This event set is actually crazy, it has some great options for both forge point and attack bonus focused designs!
If you prefer video to text I made a video going over the designs, there's a link at the end of the post.

Main Design
The main design suggested by Inno is definitely nice, but in my opinion it's too big and awkward to place, and the other possible designs are a lot better. Still, if you are in a developing city I definitely think it's a good option as it gives a lot of forge points and goods! The Harvest Barn, Sunflower Path and Primrose Bloom (B, S and P in the image) require road connections, the other buildings do not.

Select stats: (all stats are available in the link at the end)
Size: 6x7, 42 tiles*TotalPer Tile
Attacking attack / defense %12 / 80.3 / 0.2 (0.5% combined)
*The size is 6x7 minus 2 tiles, but those 2 tiles are used for roads so might as well be counted.

Forge Point Designs
For forge point designs I would suggest going for a simple 3x7 design, with the possibility of stacking upwards for even better results! The Sunflower Path (S in image) is the only buildings that require road connection.

1) Size: 3x7, 21 tilesTotalPer Tile
Attacking attack / defense %12 / 00.57 / 0

2) Size: 3x12, 36 tilesTotalPer Tile
Attacking attack / defense %12 / 00.33 / 0

Attack Designs

Personally I am most interested in attack focused designs, and this set has some crazy good options! All of the 4 designs shared below are more or less the same, it just depends on if you want an attacking attack or attacking defense focused design, and if you want a few extra FPs + Goods in your design. What's even more crazy about these designs is that they require no roads! The first two designs need 7 pieces, the last two need 8 pieces. If you land in apprentice you'll probably only have 7 pieces, if you land in professional+ you should get 8 pieces, so keep that in mind if you play without diamonds.

Edit: 3) and 4) can be made a lot easier to place:

1) Size: 5x7 - 4, 31 tilesTotalPer Tile
Attacking attack / defense %24 / 320.77 / 1.03 (1.80% combined)

2) Size: 7x7 - 14, 35 tilesTotalPer Tile
Attacking attack / defense %48 / 161.37 / 0.46 (1.83% combined)
For designs 1) and 2) you can choose if you want 2 FPs or 5 Goods.

3) Size: 6x7 - 8, 34 tilesTotalPer Tile
Attacking attack / defense %24 / 320.71 / 0.94 (1.65% combined)

4) Size: 8x7 - 18, 38 tilesTotalPer Tile
Attacking attack / defense %48 / 161.26 / 0.42 (1.68% combined)

So to summarize, the 2020 Fall Event has some great event designs!

If you have some other designs I would love to see them, I'm sure there might be better designs out there!
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Looks really good.

Awesome that you don't need the main building for great boosts, but what's your assessment of the barn? Worth building?

If our main goal is attack bonus, does building the barn offer any additional benefits worth implementing?


Looks really good.

Awesome that you don't need the main building for great boosts, but what's your assessment of the barn? Worth building?

If our main goal is attack bonus, does building the barn offer any additional benefits worth implementing?
In my opinion it's not worth building the barn, with perhaps the only exception being in a developing city where you just need some raw stats and don't care too much about efficiency. You need 6 adjacent fields for it to have full bonuses, so if you go for it there's no chance of getting a good attack design without spending a lot of diamonds. Even if you're just after FPs, it's very awkward to place, so I'd go for the smaller design I suggested as it only requires 1 road connection.

The Barn is not bad, it has some very good stats, but in my opinion the other options are much better, and if you choose to go for a maxed Barn you can't go for those options without spending diamonds. And if you plan to spend diamonds, you might as well double up the alternate designs instead of placing the Barn as well.
At this point - who cares about anything being offered - it's an illusion of improvement for us anyway - parametrics of the game will change to compensate for any gains we think we get
I think your Begonia's will only be giving you 2FP each, not 5FP, because they are each only touching 2 unique fields - and none require roads, so you could place it anywhere you have the space.


It’s also possible to have 3 Orchids & 3 Wheats in case it’s difficult to decide between att or defense. I’m at the moment tilted towards defense tho.


Ridiculous, this could be infinite with no limit to the number of pcs.
Is this your first day playing, you can already do it with the Piazza and Cherry Garden sets, I have 2 10x10 cherry garden sets with no ponds giving up 80% attack boost.

I have the train from last year which gives a total of 60% attack boost.

It is how this game is.


Does that really work, so it would be what, 64%attack attack, 6% def for def, and 10% attack for def, for a 7x6 size.
It works, just have to run a road to the primrose broom.
In Attack + 48/16 A/D
In defense +10/6 A/D
coins + 40%
supplies + 24%
happiness according to the era


I see, just trying to figure out a good attack layout as I have 7 fields and 2 farm selection kits.

I was thinking the 5x6 set in that link I posted, and then doubling up 2 more wheat fields to the side.