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13th Legion of War - Looking for New Members


We are a newly started guild with members interested in conquest, glory and building an empire together. This legion of war accepts any player regardless of what age their empire is and their activity and we do our best to encourage and help you progress. We believe that our members can contribute whenever they feel like it and we don't pressure you to do it. It's important to feel welcome, wanted and to have fun doing what you do best. As a guild we will support each other and build together and the more the merrier.

So what do you consider yourself as to be?​
Warriors: You seek battle and to become the strongest in your neighborhood and want comradeship with other players. You can become a warlord if you prove yourself and there are other branches that need a good leader, hero or soldier. The strength of our legion will grow with you among us.
Merchant: You seek riches and fortune through acquisition and production of goods. We need people like you that can build our treasury and find trades wherever they are that benefit us and we will do our best to provide resources for our members. You can become a craftsman (different titles), landlord, treasure hunter and we will see untold riches when you work with us.
Mentor: You are a someone who seek to help others reach their potential, you enjoy mentoring and showing newcomers the ropes. You are a member with certain responsibilities and can always enjoy the privileges that follows. You can become a mentor, sponsor and adviser. As long we have wise people like you among us we can grow as a community.
Shaman: You are interesting in lore and lifting spirits (literary) and your role among us is to engage in RP (role-play) to create a interesting, unique community in the legion where roles as priest, cult leader, necromancer with your own followers to command your wishes to.

Feel free to apply yourself and become a contributing member of the legion!
We have many roles and class titles to fill, more information about it is in our guild forum (in-game) and
if you have questions now, send a pm and we will answer them when we get around to it (evenings).

/All Hail the Legion!