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☠*** The Sea Wolves Guild Recruitment ***☠

  • Thread starter DeletedUser108865
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The Sea Wolves Guild Cirgard Now Recruiting


The only requirement's needed to join The Sea Wolves guild is to be active and want to be part of a team ..
This means you must participate in Guild Expeditions and finish
at least level 1 more if you can 8-)

We are planning to take part in Guild vs Guild but its not a requirement but any help you can give is appreciated .

We run GB clubs for those that are interested and never ending FP swaps to help level GBs ...
If you are interested in helping to make this the best team on Cirgard world contact one of the leadership for an invite or send in an application to The Sea Wolves ..

~~~~~Cirgard LEADERSHIP COUNCIL~~~~~
Wolf Claw ==☠***Founder***☠ The Enforcer { GvG Officer }
1 : KnightofRC == + 2 founder { GvG Commander }
2 : Kahboose == == The Manager + 3 founder
3 : == Trade Officer { GvG Commander }
4 : Amythyst the Almighty == Communication Officer
5 : Leopold the Warrior 130 == Recruitment Officer
6 : budtucker = GB Team Leader{ GvG Officer }{ Motivator }
7 : Bleh the impaler == GE Officer { Motivator }
8: The Boat builder === GvG Officer
9 :

Home world forum link : https://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/☠-the-sea-wolves-guild-☠.33717/

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