☠*** The Sea Wolves Guild Recruitment ***☠


☠*** The Sea Wolves Guild Recruitment ***☠

Sea Wolves on Mount Kilmore are now up and recruiting !!

Sea wolves was originally formed on Dinegu in 2013 with its original Founders
Wolf Claw, James13th, Gobbi & Duke71.

With Wolf Claw help we have now launched Sea Wolves on Mount Kilmore were the Founders are currently
Kahboose, Wolf Claw & Amythyst.

Great Builldings:
We are looking for player to come join us in our Quest to grow and help each other.
We will have active GB Swap threads for Fps, 5, 10, & 30 helping us grow as Players and a Guild.

Guild Expedition:
Will be a large part of Sea Wolves on Mount Kilmore and we hope all members were possible to
help by completeing the first level weekly and have the Observatory up and running asap to help the Guild.

Guild v Guild:
This will come asap as the Guild grows.

Who Can Join ?
Anyone and everyone is welcome to join Sea Wolves we especially welcome members of Sea Wolves from other worlds
there is no experience restriction players new and old are welcome to join and help us Grow this new chapter of the
Sea Wolves Legacy !!

For invite please message :

Kahboose, Wolf Claw or Amythyst the Great on Mount Kilmore.

☠*** Long Live The Sea Wolves ***☠