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★ Unseen University ★ - Recruiting ACTIVE players NOW!! :)


★ Welcome to the Unseen University ★
Motto: “Now you see it, now you don’t”

Level: 3
Members: 61
Global Rank: 15

The Unseen University is the home of the greatest wizards on the Discworld. And one or two of the worst. It was founded in the year 1282 AM and is the premiere school of wizardry located in the city of Ankh-Morpork.

The Unseen University is a growing, fun and active guild with the best teamwork you'll find ANYWHERE! Being a part of us you will receive support from our members, access to the guild trading board (lots of goods!) and GB clubs to help you level your Great Buildings, forums, tips, our experience and free trading! If you want to have fun and you're an active player join us (and bring your friends too!). We're aiming for number 1!

We believe members should have complete freedom to journey through the ages as they wish and as such we don't have any rules. All we ask is that you support your fellow guild members through polishing, motivating and trading (FAIR trades are a MUST though!).

For newer players we have the Unseen College and Unseen Scholarship with the same ethos.

Here in the Unseen University we will be focusing on the HMA, LMA and Colonial guild wars. The Unseen College and Unseen Scholarship will provide newer players with the opportunity to practice and perfect their battle tactics before joining us here in the Unseen University upon reaching HMA and 20k points.

So... If you're an active player, enjoy working as a team, helping each other out and want to be a part of something fun... Join us! Send any of us below a message or reply to this forum post for an invite.

Unseen Scholarship - 2k points up to 20k points
Leaders: Recked, tweakill, SiriusTheFirst

Unseen College - 2k points up to 20k points
Leaders: Recked, lexus6181, sir danke

Unseen University - 20k points and HMA minimum.
Leaders: Recked, meclds, frabbas, Greenfaol

Arch-Chancellor and Founder of the Unseen "Family" of Guilds

If you would like to merge your existing Guild into the Unseen "Family" or form an alliance please send a message to Recked and we’ll work out the details.

p.s. For existing members of any of the Unseen "Family" you can access the guild forum by clicking here
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Hi there; how do we access the guild forum? Can you include the link somewhere in the private guild profile? Many thanks, Jo (Terfyn)


You can access your guild forum by logging into the game then going to: http://en5.forgeofempires.com/game/forum
(you may need to change the number ("en5") mattering on the world you are playing on. The number is displayed once you click the world that you playing)

. ICE .

Chief Warrant Officer
★ Unseen University ★ - Recruiting ACTIVE players NOW!! :)
Interesting advert ... made me think ....
not much point asking for "active " players ... as inactive ones are unlikely to read this ! :P

good luck with it anyway :)


Thanks Lord Ice :) Seen you on East Nagach, the Avengers is the guild if memory serves.
I put "active" as these are preferred to players who play once or twice a week but yes, you're right.
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The Terrible Accident at the Unseen Academy
by Recked, Arch-Chancellor of the Unseen University

The Unseen Academy has collapsed as the Arch-Chancellor, Recked, had a little too much wine whilst practicing magic, accidentally caused a rift in time inside the Academy resulting in the entire contents of the universe emptying into it and BOOM!

Unfortunately the Academy is now in ruins and has been turned into the final resting place of the Wizards of the Discworld.... There is an aura of random magic swirling and a mystical purple smoke fizzing about the place.

The Unseen University will rise up despite this little calamity and restore order (mostly disorder) to the Discworld once again!

Not wanting to waste the ruins that once was the Unseen Academy it has been turned into the final resting place for Wizards. Be warned if you're passing by, do so very quietly indeed and mind your step! You don't want to disturb the peace.... Dead Wizards are extremely grumpy when woken up!
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The Building and Creation of the Unseen College
by Recked, Arch-Chancellor of the Unseen University

What with the tragic accident, resulting in the Unseen Academy blowing up, the Unseen University, after much deliberation and thought, has funded and built a new educational institution; the Unseen College.

It's aim? To encourage young Wizards to learn and master their magical abilities. This is preferable to what seems to have happened to Arch-chancellor Recked where the magical abilities appear more to have mastered him!

The intake has been amazingly fast and the College is now a bustling hive of activity with much thinking, something the Arch-chancellor isn't accustomed to doing himself and avoids whenever possible, and learning. If you are quiet and listen carefully you can hear tiny ticking noises like cogs in a finely tuned antique Swiss watch.

A number of students, "naturals" or perhaps "unnaturals" since magic isn't normal, have completed the early classes and exams in record time. There is no doubt, they are well on their way to becoming Wizards and pass on their knowledge (or in the Arch-chancellor's case, lack of it!).

The more talented of these so-called "unnaturals" have been granted the privilege of Prefect in their particular area of interest and expertise within the College to guide and aid their fellow students in the wacky art of Wizardry and what not!


Hi there; how do we access the guild forum? Can you include the link somewhere in the private guild profile? Many thanks, Jo (Terfyn)
Hi Jo,
Since you're a member of the Unseen "Family" here's the Unseen Guild forum for members (only members of the Unseen "Family" can actually see our forum):

To the rest of you, it will remain "unseen" :P
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Note your link will bring anyone to their own guild forum as long as they are logged into the game (and on World G) ;)