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  1. Bartimaeus46

    A brief history of FoE

    <wordy preamble> <slightly funny joke> 29/03/2012 - Arvahal is opened - Closed Beta. 17/04/2012 - Brisgard is opened - Open Beta. 31/05/2012 - Cirgard is opened. 06/06/2012 - Guilds and Global Rankings added to the game. 27/06/2012 - Dinegu is opened. 02/07/2012 - Neighbourhood merges...
  2. Bartimaeus46

    Forge of Empires Menagerie

    Pet pictures! Everybody loves a nice pet picture. So here's the place to post your puppies and kittahs and llamas and emerald-speckled tree frogs. Or whatever you have. Forum rules state: - Maximum size images you are allowed to post are 640 by 640 pixels in dimension. - No animated images...
  3. Bartimaeus46

    Already Suggested: Allow the addition of polls to all ideas

    Proposal: Allow users to add polls to their ideas posts. Have you checked for similar ideas?: Yes. Reason: It's the best way to do it. You can see instantly how much support an idea has, and can be passed on to Devs - "This idea has 78% support on our forums. etc." It might cut down on...
  4. Bartimaeus46

    Implemented: Add an Unignore Feature / Ignore List

    Proposal: Currently there is no way to unignore a player that you have ignored in the chat. There is also no way to ignore someone that isn't chatting while you are online (which DOES matter, as someone annoying you via mail may not use the chat feature). With my proposal a menu would be...
  5. Bartimaeus46

    Noob Guide

    Welcome, in this guide I shall try to answer as many of the questions that a beginner will have. It will expand as I see more questions, and hopefully all answers will be as clear as possible. Let's go. What are FPs? How do I get Coins? How do I get Supplies (the little hammer...
  6. Bartimaeus46

    Every attack to cost players coins and resources

    Reason: Armies always need feeding, it also costs to move them (wagons carrying armour, weapons, stretchers to carry home wounded). Currently attacking is free, I think each attack should cost coins and resources. Details: Each attack should cost the player a sum of coins + resources. This...
  7. Bartimaeus46

    Barti's Epic Sig Store

    Due to recent interest in my skills(see this thread), I've decided to open up shop. Here are some of my recent works of art: So post here if you'd like one. Please note that this is a long arduous process so it may take some time.
  8. Bartimaeus46

    Format Buttons unresponsive when editing guild forum posts.

    World: All. Browser and Version: Opera/12.02 & Opera/12.12 (Game version 0.24.11762) Overview of the bug: When editing a post in the in-game guild forums, the format buttons ([B][I][U] etc) become unresponsive. As can be seen by the way the colour of a highlight turns white, clicking the...
  9. Bartimaeus46

    Guide Competition Winners Poll

    Hello my fellow forum-goers, the time has come to vote the winners of the guide competition! There are 4 for you to choose from, everyone gets 1 vote, and no mind-changing so choose carefully. The vote will be open for 5 days and then we will announce the winners. See the entries here: Most...
  10. Bartimaeus46

    Remove the 'X' from the top cornner of new quests.

    Proposal: Remove the 'X' from the top-right corner of new quests. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Yes, can't see any. Reason: Many people are so used to working with computers that using the 'X' button to close a pop-up is second nature. This...
  11. Bartimaeus46

    EN5 (East-Nagach) PvP Tournament has not started

    World: en5 (East-Nagach)Browser and Version: 0.15.9216 (22.08.2012 11:46), Bartimaeus46 (248037), en5, en_US, WIN 11,3,300,257, Windows 7, Chrome/19.0.1084.56, 1521x937Overview of the bug: PvP Tournament has not started. Tower shows that the tournament ended on Sunday.Screenshots: How often...
  12. Bartimaeus46

    Terra Force is now recruiting.

    We are an active, communicative guild, intent on teaching new players, sharing trades and striving for greatness. You must be willing to: * Communicate through guild forums, * In-game message, * Skype(optional) - a bonus if you use Skype, * Trade with other guild members...
  13. Bartimaeus46

    Neighbourhood bar shows 25h as how long I need to wait to attack

    World: East-NagachBrowser and Version: 0.13.8690 (02.08.2012 12:25), Bartimaeus46 (248037), en5, en_US, WIN 11,3,300,257, Windows 7, Chrome/19.0.1084.56, 1920x965Overview of the bug: I attacked one of my neighbours and returned to my city. In the neighbourhood bar, where it tells you how long...