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  1. My competition entry

    15 gifts
  2. Hydroelectric Eel, How do you defeat them?

    Hello everyone, can someone tell me how to defeat: 3x Hydroelectric Eel , 1x Recon Raider, 4x Dragon Drones. I am losing badly against this set-up in the Guild Expedition, level 2.
  3. Trades needed in Jaims

    Hello fellow Jaims players. I need some vital trades ASAP. The Halloween Event and my Research Time-line are stalled. Prime Need: Papercrete, Preservatives, Secondary: Superconductors and Gas.
  4. Martin Luther King Jr. Event, Help

    I am in Jaims and I badly need trades to complete the event. I will put offers in the market as much as I can. I am short these trades. Item Quantity - Asbestos 90 - Rubber 10 - Machine parts 50
  5. Stuck on the Winter Event 2015

    Hello I am stuck on this Winter Event. It is Jan 1st and I am still stuck on the Dec 23rd quest. This happened on the other big event this year as well. I have had to watch as opportunities and points slipped by. When these events are created does FOE take into account that players can get stuck...
  6. Can't see messages that I post in the Messaging Center

    Hello, I have had this problem with the game from very beginning. I can't see my own messages that I post in the Messaging Center. I have refreshed my browser, exited Chrome, rebooted my computer and have replaced a hard-drive and still no change. Anyone else having this problem or similar...
  7. No Coin being added to Coin Bank

    World: Browser and Version: Overview of the bug: Screenshots: How often this occurs: Urgency: Preventative Actions: Summary: I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Have you tried fixing it...