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  1. My competition entry

    15 gifts
  2. Closed Halloween Contest Part 4

    Puzzle 1: F4 Puzzle 2: F1 Puzzle 3: C5 Puzzle 4: D2 Puzzle 5: A4
  3. Closed Halloween Contest Part 1

    Greetings, Boos and Ghouls! The librarian hid diamonds inside four carved pumpkins! Your task here is simple, you just need to choose four pumpkins (4 numbers) from the sinister shelf: Pumpkins number: 5, 6, 9 and 11.
  4. Spot the Difference - Week 1, June

    1. Bottom right corner. object is added. 2. Top middle, vehicle is facing right. 3. Top middle, rock is missing. 4. Bottom left corner, one building is missing. 5. Color of the ground is lighter.
  5. Closed Forge Ahoy!

    1=F 2=E 3=A 4=H 5=D 6=B 7=G 8=C
  6. Hydroelectric Eel, How do you defeat them?

    Hello everyone, can someone tell me how to defeat: 3x Hydroelectric Eel , 1x Recon Raider, 4x Dragon Drones. I am losing badly against this set-up in the Guild Expedition, level 2.
  7. Trades needed in Jaims

    Hello fellow Jaims players. I need some vital trades ASAP. The Halloween Event and my Research Time-line are stalled. Prime Need: Papercrete, Preservatives, Secondary: Superconductors and Gas.
  8. Martin Luther King Jr. Event, Help

    Update: Whaling Oil Asbestos Coke Fertilizer are still needed. ---- Ok, last item needed is Coke. Offers are in the market. --- Spoke to soon. Convenience Foods are in the market. Thanks everyone. --- We are done. Thanks everyone that helped. My MLK jr. Event is now complete.
  9. Martin Luther King Jr. Event, Help

    I am in Jaims and I badly need trades to complete the event. I will put offers in the market as much as I can. I am short these trades. Item Quantity - Asbestos 90 - Rubber 10 - Machine parts 50
  10. Stuck on the Winter Event 2015

    The Winter Event is almost over now and I haven't heard from any Mods, Admins or Game Representatives. Does this show that they don't care?
  11. Stuck on the Winter Event 2015

    Hello I am stuck on this Winter Event. It is Jan 1st and I am still stuck on the Dec 23rd quest. This happened on the other big event this year as well. I have had to watch as opportunities and points slipped by. When these events are created does FOE take into account that players can get stuck...
  12. [COMPETITION] - Winter City Mace the Ace World Map: Jaims Winter Gate Winter Market Snow Globe Entry verified. Thanks for participating!
  13. Event Halloween Event 2015

    Ok, I figured it out. I had two residential buildings on the go before that quest became active. I assumed that the building of those houses would qualify for that quest. Apparently, not. I just built a hut and the quest is now complete. Thanks everyone.
  14. Event Halloween Event 2015

    Yes, I did build a road. More than one type, single lane and double lane. No change. Still stuck at 6/7 items done.
  15. Event Halloween Event 2015

    Hello I am stuck on Quest 8, Pretty City Brave Chicken. The game does NOT register one of the building. I have rebuilt all the buildings three times. What is the solution?
  16. Can't see messages that I post in the Messaging Center

    Hello, I have had this problem with the game from very beginning. I can't see my own messages that I post in the Messaging Center. I have refreshed my browser, exited Chrome, rebooted my computer and have replaced a hard-drive and still no change. Anyone else having this problem or similar...
  17. No Coin being added to Coin Bank

    I just checked. Income is coming in but very slowly. This still seems wrong. The rate at which the income comes in is way to slow to match my needs. :mad:
  18. No Coin being added to Coin Bank

    World: Browser and Version: Overview of the bug: Screenshots: How often this occurs: Urgency: Preventative Actions: Summary: I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Have you tried fixing it...