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  1. Villow von Vald

    New Game Features Get more players involved in certain planned/proposed changes

    Sorry, but I thoroughly agree with Joe. All I would add is that the best ideas tend to come from people who care enough to DO something, what you will mostly get by pushing people to say something is complaints and rants against Inno. Not constructive. love Villow
  2. Villow von Vald

    Quests Alternate Quest Lines

    +1 But I have found an even easier alternative: DONT DO THE EVENTS. Event buildings loose their value after an age or 2, Then you need rejuvenation kits or one-ups to bring them closer to your age and that just postpone the problem of the useless event buildings by an age or 2. They are...
  3. Villow von Vald

    Why choose the least used date format ?

    DD/MMMM/YY 07/Febr/17 Alas, even with that confusion is still possible. after the turn of each century there is a 7-day period where the year and the date can be confused
  4. Villow von Vald

    Damn Dirty Politics & Propaganda

    in most online games such bugs are called "Exploits" and utilizing exploits is a punishable offense. The most common punishment is IP-Banning with no refund.
  5. Villow von Vald

    Fixed: All message threads blank in mobile view

    Could it be you did not clear cashe before loading the new version.
  6. Villow von Vald

    When Are Inno Going to Fix The Game

    I think it is when someone looks in and see no seat free so they have to leave again.
  7. Villow von Vald

    Why choose the least used date format ?

    Traditionally America is where the RICH people live. That is deeply rooted in every European mind. Today it may not be as true as it once was, but it is still a consideration in how the game should be designed. It should optimally please the richest potential customers so they are more likely to...
  8. Villow von Vald

    Why can a Stone Age trail override a Colonial Age Paved Lane ?

    Actually, I the modern road is still there (and come back) I would call it a feature. making it a lot easier to make and remove temporary 'cheap' roads when rearranging the buildings of the city.
  9. Villow von Vald

    Why can a Stone Age trail override a Colonial Age Paved Lane ?

    The situation we had before was that a road built on top of an older road still had the older road under it in inactive form (no happiness produced). that was fine for temporarily storing a more modern road (just put it on top of an older road somewhere) without needing to have a free square of...
  10. Villow von Vald

    Forwarded: [Research] Use FP packs on research tree

    Actually Your problem can be solved by an interface improvement that ALSO reduces nr of packes sent and need a server response for each FP donated. It is in 3 parts: 1) What we have is an FP bar holding the FP awailable, so lets solve you problem by ONLY pouring the pack into the FP bar, All of...
  11. Villow von Vald

    Forwarded: [Research] Use FP packs on research tree

    +0 would be nice sometimes, but the benefit is so small that I would say the programmers have better things to do, like fixing lag and improving other interfaces.
  12. Villow von Vald

    About bonus provinces.

    Thank you :-D
  13. Villow von Vald

    About bonus provinces.

    Can I go past the bonus areas on the province maps, then come back later and conquer them with higher-age troops ?
  14. Villow von Vald


    To progress you must have researched most (sometime all) the goods producing buildings in earlier ages. Trading for goods at 10:1 is a lot more expensive than producing them yourself in low-efficiency goods building that produce 2 instead of ten pr 8 hour cycle.
  15. Villow von Vald

    Treasure Hunt

    I looked at the thread, and the issue there is something entirely else: That the Aid button should not shine yellow when there is nothing to polivate in that city.
  16. Villow von Vald

    Forwarded: Guild founders should get auto-admin rights on message threads

    +1. Of course. Might cut down on SPAM a bit too.
  17. Villow von Vald

    Arc - The End of FOE?

    The method of finding a REALLY high level GB in in the GB rankings and clicking on the owners avatar. even without being a friend, guildmate or neighbor of the person owning the GB. That let you visit the city in the old days, now it lets you see the citys GB-list, but only if you are friend...
  18. Villow von Vald

    Arc - The End of FOE?

    I was very happy reading that, finally a way to find out how GBs change at higher levels. Alas that method have now disappeared, i guess because it made the game "too easy"
  19. Villow von Vald

    there is one in every neighbourhood...

    You are right. I am strictly a funkis person, Very proud that I have built up my happiness GBs enough to now have a totally Culture Free city. Still not there but working towards a a city with neither residences nor supplies producers also :-)) love Villow
  20. Villow von Vald

    Are FoE aiming to be the new LoA?

    I have seen this Advert many times this year and halfway recognize the drawing style. But from where? It rather looks like it is from a 3D MMO, and the halfbuilt building on the right seem to support that. I never saw anything like it in FoE. Is it a FoE decision that the marketing should become...