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  1. Stockbroker 18

    Forwarded: [41546] Market scrolls back to beginning after every purchase

    when is this likely to resolved? proving to be quite painful !
  2. Stockbroker 18

    Red Table Cloth (and other colours)

    i have noticed the % does appear to be lower. have to actually make some records and prove over a sufficiently large sample size it was statistically significantly different from advertised % though :p. bound to be a certain bias where we remember the days we don't get 8% and forget the days we...
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    Difficulty to some degree can be part of the strategy of a game but not allowing certain trade ratios which just lead to 2-3 trades up or down ages is just plain inefficient. doesn't really add any strategic element, so fail to see how this makes the game better. what downside would there be...
  4. Stockbroker 18

    About 40 Ideas

    -1 prioritise your ideas & try to promote the top 3-5 you think are important. you can't expect a random sprawl of ideas to actually go anywhere toward implementation if you dont order them and communicate clearly!
  5. Stockbroker 18

    New Game Features Expansions

    -1 part of the strategy, makes far too simple if space is not a limited resource
  6. Stockbroker 18

    Fair trading guilds

    thanks thats helpful to know!
  7. Stockbroker 18

    Forwarded: [Continent map] Cancel scouting while scouting

    +1 for the core idea of 'having a cancellation button available.' personally i'm more indifferent whether there is either full refund / no refund or even partial refund of cost. some sort of penalty for cancellation is pretty consistent with cancelling other actions such as construction of a...
  8. Stockbroker 18

    Forwarded: [Trade] Edit Trades In Market Instead Of Deleting

    +1 one of the best ideas to save time I've read on the forum!
  9. Stockbroker 18

    Link Goods to Market

    +1 really like this for speed & consistency :)
  10. Stockbroker 18

    Implemented: (Research) Great Building Construction: Trade Button

    +1 to make things faster & easier to get around, absolutely.
  11. Stockbroker 18


    +1 as can't think of how this could be a bad thing - certainly would help with more fair trading in the market across multiple ages. although seems rather logical so perhaps there have been prior discussions elsewhere with reasons for why it's been rejected?
  12. Stockbroker 18

    Social Interactions Allowing friend invites to guild members

    +1 For tavern aiding & improving community. can always just lift the friend cap from 80 to something else (120 or whatever) to prevent abuse, but only guild members can be added above 80.
  13. Stockbroker 18

    Fair trading guilds

    or are there really no guilds out there who use them? seems that way by the looks of it....
  14. Stockbroker 18

    Forwarded: Change FP packages into a single bank

    +1 Just to add my 2c, as would definitely be a great time saver
  15. Stockbroker 18

    City custom order for the worlds

    +1 Seems simple enough with little downside