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  1. Villow von Vald

    About bonus provinces.

    Can I go past the bonus areas on the province maps, then come back later and conquer them with higher-age troops ?
  2. Villow von Vald

    Are FoE aiming to be the new LoA?

    I have seen this Advert many times this year and halfway recognize the drawing style. But from where? It rather looks like it is from a 3D MMO, and the halfbuilt building on the right seem to support that. I never saw anything like it in FoE. Is it a FoE decision that the marketing should become...
  3. Villow von Vald

    What happened to the "silver when you sit down" chance from upgrading flooring?

    It is billed as a 20% chance to get some silver (how much silver depending on the upgrade level) whenever you sit down in a friends tavern. But today, on both of the servers I am playing on, it looks more than a 5% chance. That is not cool. My statistical base is something like a total of 100...
  4. Villow von Vald

    Other Let us play more and wait less.

    Proposal: Add a checkbox in supplies producers and many other production buildings: "Repeat production on collection" Reason: Overload of packages sent is a recurrent problem this would halve the need for www-packages sent after most productions. "collected xxx yyy's" and "start production of...
  5. Villow von Vald

    Why is my Faberge Shop not from "the Late Middle Ages"?

    At that age it balances exactly with a much bigger (4x5) HMA farm. I got the drop 2 weeks ago and rushed to get my city into LMA. Then today I built the Faberge Shop from inventory, thinking it would adjust to LMA. But it did not :( Mouseovers and everything still say it is HMA, and the...
  6. Villow von Vald

    Suggesting of a GB for "Far future Arctic Era"

    I see a new age 'Far Future Arctic Age' is coming. As a GB for that age may I suggest "Amberley Working Museum". It is a 'Working Museum' where scool classes get brought to try carting wool, sending Morse signals or just drive in very old buses. I assume Germany have several similar Teknologie...
  7. Villow von Vald

    Why is it so important for Inno to push us ahead into ages we are not ready for ?

    "Take 2 sectors". that finished a province. Then "Take a province", the goods for that pushed back the time before I can mud St Marks by another 4 days :( OK, I needed the renovation kit, so I did it, but why is it so important for Inno to race us up through the ages like that ? I see way too...
  8. Villow von Vald

    What is this ?

    I have seen similar cities before. It looks like the city foundation have shifted 3 expansions to hr South-West and 1 expansion to the South-east. The parts of the city that were shifted out beyond the South-west coastline have disappeared. The 'starting city' area is now wild landscape. It is...
  9. Villow von Vald

    A noobs guide for early days

    This guide focuses on some early and quite simple things that are good to know. It is divided into sections. What I will mostly put here in the first post is Section headings that link to some later post about just that subject. 1: How to click on things. 2: How to polivate. 3: How to get...
  10. Villow von Vald

    Where do the first observatory come from ?

    In early days I specifically targeted stone age decorations and buildings in order to get observatory BPs. Until some kindly soul told me that the way to get observatory blueprints was to assist in building observatories, they did not drop from aiding. So where do the first observatory in...
  11. Villow von Vald

    Let Trade Flow !

    Let Trade Flow. A good step towards thsat would be to abolist that point tax of 1 FP burdeneing each and every trade on the open market. Why is it even there? Virtual Realism is all very well, but that is the kind of shiite people play games to get away from. The more so as many players are...
  12. Villow von Vald

    What is Guild support.

    I would really like to know what is and what it does: - - % increase of attack and defense when attacking - - % increase of counterattack and defense when defending - - % increase of attack when attacking - - % increase of defense when attacking - - % increase of counterattack when defending - -...