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  1. Aurelia the Mighty 136

    Event prizes

    Event prizes are shoddy and difficult if not impossible to win. Maybe we are having too many events. It would be better if we had less and more chance to get decent prizes. As a result of this two members from my guild lost heart and left the game for good. Buck up and give us a decent chance of...
  2. Aurelia the Mighty 136


    The neighbourhood should consist of players of the same level. I am tired of being attacked by people and cannot retaliate because they are much higher up than I am. Or at least make it possible for the guild to trash this guy. I keep losing goods and it isn't as if they grow on trees. I am in...
  3. Aurelia the Mighty 136

    Trades and goods

    Because of the introduction of GE players are unwilling to part with specific goods for negoatiation. This is causing a slow down in the game's momentum. I suggest goods rewards are increased production made faster or easier.
  4. Aurelia the Mighty 136


    Step up the game. It's becoming slow and boring and for heaven's sake give us a decent prize at the end of each event. I'm in the Postmodern ERA. We need more expansions because Iìm leaving everything in the inventory and I can't build new GB's. Step it up or you will lose alot of players. Not...