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  1. Terrius

    Mourning Thread

    This is a thread of mourning. Any sad/horrible event can be mourned here.
  2. Terrius

    Spoiler Archealogy Event

    The Archeaology Event is on Beta. While there, for some reason, is still uncertainity on this event, the rewards so far look fine. Level 10 World Fair(Prize Building) And the bonus building, the Carousel, 3x3, gives an 8% defence bonus. Not bad.(Also, it looks very nice.) Tell me what do...
  3. Terrius

    Governmental Systems

    This is a discussion to add governmental systems to Forge Of Empires. It may be turned into a suggestion later, but is only a discussion as of yet. Proposal: Add Governmental Systems to Forge of Empires. Reason: In Forge of Empires, the only governmental system is a kingdom(Because all the...
  4. Terrius

    Do Not Suggest: ToR Second Bonus

    Proposal: Add a second bonus to the Temple of Relics. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Not any I could find... Please say so otherwise:) Reason: The ToR has only one bonus. While it may...
  5. Terrius

    Should I build an Arc now?

    Hello, I am a player on Arvahall. I have 7 Arc BPs, along with enough diamonds from quests that I could buy my way through the last two. Goods is not an issue, but I don’t have any other GBs aside from the Oracle. So, shall I build an Arc now? Or wait til later? Help appreciated.