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  1. Cuthwolf

    GE fights are harder

    It is my perception that GE fights are harder this week; guildmates have reported the same thing. Did we miss an announcement? Are others finding this too?
  2. Cuthwolf

    New Content Virtual Future II

    Where can I see a list of the goods etc required to complete the VF2 tech tree?
  3. Cuthwolf

    A Princely Gift

    I believe the screen that comes up when there is a diamond offer on is called A Princely Gift. How often does this come around? I want to buy some diamonds for VF but don't want to pay full rate.
  4. Cuthwolf

    Plundering should be enhanced.

    Each day: 4-5m battle points 4-6 palaces 7-10 terrace farms 20-40 goods buildings I don't find PvP worthless and there are many better fighters/plunderers than me
  5. Cuthwolf

    player name game

    Oceanbrew had a motley crew He kept the rum and gave them tea So they picked him up and thew him in the sea
  6. Cuthwolf

    story line

    The storyline quests cannot be aborted or skipped. You must pass them all in sequence.
  7. Cuthwolf

    Great Buildings Make high era GBs require two-lane roads

    I'm glad that players from all ages get Arcs. It feeds the guild treasury with goods that unlock level 4 GE each week.
  8. Cuthwolf

    Fair FP cost for Kraken goods

    Thank you, Does anyone else have a view on this?
  9. Cuthwolf

    Fair FP cost for Kraken goods

    I have been showered with requests for goods to build the Kraken. It is a long time since I did goods for FP deals: back then the consensus of the wise owls on this forum advised that 350 FP for a set of Alcatraz was a fair rate. I would appreciate your views on what would be a fair rate for a...
  10. Cuthwolf


    If they refuse your request to stop you have three alternatives - 1) Collect on time 2) Put up the city shield 3) Suck it up Buttercup
  11. Cuthwolf

    Forwarded: Newbie plundering thresholds

    -1 Instead: how about educating the new player? For the first, say, five plunders a pop-up message appears saying - "Aww, you got plundered. You should collect on time or place a defence" , then explaining what that means.
  12. Cuthwolf

    New Content Oceanic Future - Part 3

    I'm disappointed at how weak the Manta unit is; I'm yet to see a battle that lasted long enough for Poison to kill anything. The one thing I like is the +7 attack from the barracks.
  13. Cuthwolf

    Highest Tower points total you have seen

    Wow! Much higher than 300m is awesome.
  14. Cuthwolf

    Highest Tower points total you have seen

    I have done more fighting than usual this week and will get my highest every total in the Oceanic Future Tower points rankings. Although big for me and Mount Killmore I know there are some super prolific fighters in other worlds. I imagine the big beasts get 100s of millions - what is the...
  15. Cuthwolf

    InnoGames TV InnoGames TV August Edition

    Yes, Beefy. I expected her and a sight of OF3.
  16. Cuthwolf

    Champion of Mount Killmore

    Oceanic Future, boosted, 228,744
  17. Cuthwolf

    Champion of Mount Killmore

    Oceanic Future, boosted, 202,896
  18. Cuthwolf

    Champion of Mount Killmore

    Oceanic Future, boosted, 196,664
  19. Cuthwolf

    Champion of Mount Killmore

    Oceanic Future Boosted 187,888
  20. Cuthwolf

    Merging guilds.

    There is no Merge function. When a guild proposes 'merging' this is a euphemism for taking over you and all you guildies. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.