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  1. crayven

    Looking for a guild

    Played a while back ago and had to quit due to RL issues. I'm back now - so i'm low lvl...again :) The tavern stuff is new to me ( so you can guess when I was playing ). Anyway if anyone wants a daily active player growing fast, throw me an invite. Thanks.
  2. crayven

    Not a Bug: Defending units that shouldn't be there!

    I am attacking players who have in their defense army units that couldn't have been built in their city ! I check the enemy city and i see no ( let's say balista buildings )....i click attack...and then i am put against some random troops AND some balistas !! Either the game does not show the...
  3. crayven

    Battle module

    Hi, i have a question: Is there a way to make the units on the map travel less than their maximum amount of tiles? Is there a button for "end turn" that i do not know about? For example i'd like my ranged units to NOT have to move to the full extent of their capacity right into the enemy's...