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Search results

  1. Itsu

    Closed WTII Reboot Week #1 26/06/23

  2. Itsu

    Howdy Mac, in which server and world are you playing? I'm on the international server and in...

    Howdy Mac, in which server and world are you playing? I'm on the international server and in Dinegu, Rugnir and Tuulech... Itsu
  3. Itsu

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

  4. Itsu

    New Content Guild Expedition Level 5 Feedback Thread

    Add to all of the previous that the fragments that adds up in level 5 gives us attack force. So when you build them you're wasting another valuable space for defend buildings... What a sarcastic decision is it?
  5. Itsu

    Time to leave Forge of Empires

    My two cents: the initial reward in a new world has been changed: with the very same money you don't have recurring rewards, and the number of diamonds are halved. I can't understand this step because everything in this game is virtual except the dollar you give them isn't. How can they crush a...
  6. Itsu

    I have lost 7 x 750 diamonds

    Supposedly they have checked the logs and everything is ok. But this is not true. Had I know this problem I'd made a screenshot of the original offer...
  7. Itsu

    I have lost 7 x 750 diamonds

    At the start of this year before the end of the 2002 winter event I have bought a 6500 + 7 x 750 diamond package in a new city / new world. especially to finish the game with the best results as possible. But: when I bought it, I have received the 6500 diamonds but the recurring 7 x 750 diamond...
  8. Itsu

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    I can't understand the hate of this small building that occupied an empty region of the city... It gave various helps in building your city or fighting harder besides the chronology that you have played... I'm very much missing it and when it could be possible then PSE bring it back.
  9. Itsu

    Closed August Pirate Contest

    My Pirate Name is: Scurvy Puffypant. So you can figure it that I'm wearing a white shirt... :lol:
  10. Itsu

    Newish nOOb's takeaways and tips for new players

    Really that's the case. But if you change the turnout time you'll loose one whole day :( So be prepared not to lose a day's chance to go for the 7th :)
  11. Itsu

    Word Association Game - April

    I am poor