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Search results

  1. Galladhorn

    New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes

    At least this update happens within an existing part of the game, thats about all I have to add to it. When I am over the current RL challenges I will get myself a gaming PC and start to play some good old RTS games – I think it will be the best cure the stop playing this game – its simply too...
  2. Galladhorn

    Event Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Yes, would be great to know what main rewards are up for tommorow :hide:
  3. Galladhorn

    Mass supply rash doesn't work

    Mass Rush does not work on several special buildings, almost sure the witch doctor is one, since its not a tech building. If I recall correctly it is also described under the "Mass Rush". Go to inventory and check.
  4. Galladhorn

    Am i a jerk / moron / nerd/ freak / idiot

    The internet is a playground also for grown ups (or somethign like grown ups) – the fact that in a chat like on FoE nobody really knows who most other players are, and the same goes for many similar types of forums and will apparently let out the worst in many people. E.g Sadism is about the...
  5. Galladhorn

    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    :zzz: :hide::lol:
  6. Galladhorn

    Unformatted: Access to Recurring Quest page from GBG arena

    it would, but your idea is most likley gonna be moved to unformatted ideas, due to not being formatted.
  7. Galladhorn

    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    – it is called sarcasm and usually connected to Irony – that is the Irony about about it :P But he is right, feedback is very positive, go go Inno games
  8. Galladhorn

    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    I honestly don´t get it so far. PvP Areana sounds like a place were one could challenge opponents in some way, perhaps best out of 3 x 2 wave battles kind of setup. 2 wave battles to eliminate Rogue play or eliminating it in some other way – to get a more strategic fight going. Winning medals...
  9. Galladhorn

    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    Allright, Does this mean that PvP Areana will replace current PvP? – I also like that the rewards seems to be based on the stats.
  10. Galladhorn

    Already Suggested: City Schematics

    The best version of it was the older version of the 3rd party "City Builder". One could even construct in that mode – in fact it is quite unbelievable that this has not been implemented yet, and then again maybe not. But one should think that a flat field 2D view with names on, should be...
  11. Galladhorn

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

  12. Galladhorn

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

  13. Galladhorn

    Medals and Expansions

    Since Never, sorry was completely off :hide:
  14. Galladhorn

    Medals and Expansions

    I do have a SC and it does not always give Ore, and I do not plunder either. For any player that lands in SAAB and is not prepared for the quite large teching costs it would be bad not having any medals around to speed up the Ore income temporary. ;)
  15. Galladhorn

    Medals and Expansions

    Also Medals can be used to hire some crew members in the Oceanic Terminal (Oceanic Future) when diving for Orichalcum.
  16. Galladhorn

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

    54 Dreams
  17. Galladhorn

    Medals and Expansions

    Well it can be done wihtout them, but if you want to procuce Mars ore in the City (not in the Submarine), then it costs medals to produce.
  18. Galladhorn

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

    Area 52