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Search results

  1. Plundering is actually stealing

    I'll just leave this here for added entertainment. ;)
  2. St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    19!! Impressive run mate!:) Were you going with the 200 pots/town strategy? If so how did that work out in regards to completing the tasks and/or getting locked behind all the "upgrade X Manager" tasks? I tried to avoid the most expensive ones, but I figure I was still dumping about...
  3. St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    Loved this event, just as much as in previous years it's one of my favourites! Managed to finish 13.5 festival towns this year + cleared 19 grand prizes - a new personal best!:D Please don't ever change the format of this event, it's such a massive & refreshing change from the other mini game...
  4. Plundering – The Roll of Honour

    Good riddance I say... I've found that people who get all bent out of shape over a little fp/goods loss tend to have a more toxic personality anyways. Far as I'm concerned, if someone can plunder me - 'good fer them - deyz earned it! 'An now I iz gunna krump 'em right back and loot der shiny...
  5. Plundering is actually stealing

    No. It's not stealing at all. It's called "lootin'", an if you iz not lootin', den you iz muckin' about - stop muckin' about! :P
  6. Closed January Sports Contest

    Favorite team: Montreal Canadiens Sport: Hockey ...while we might be bringing out the tanks this year it seems to fish for top draft picks, but hey, we'll always have the Leafs blowing a 3-1 series lead and getting pwnd on home ice in game 7!!lol:D Not even the 550 health care workers in...
  7. Event Halloween Event 2021 Feedback

    Emphasis mine. This really is the truth here... 54 toys completed meant my main city for example, garnered me another 1080 tickets just from the toys alone! O.O I don't think I did too good overall on the incidents. Never found anything over 20 tickets, which only happened a couple of...
  8. Event Halloween Event 2021 Feedback

    My main world: 54 total toys completed including finding Psychopomp Pete 4 times, and got 3 full set rewards!! Calendar completed My junk/dia farm world: 32 total toys completed, 1 full set. Calendar completed. :) Don't care about the stupid set building, so I was actively avoiding...
  9. Questions and non feedback comments about the Halloween Event 2021

    Yes, he's out there - I've found him once in my main city on N-world, though I have yet to find one in my dia city on J-world. Being that he's the rarest toy, it's quit typical that most players will not find him over the course of the event, even with potential heavy diamond spending for...
  10. Event Halloween Event 2021 Feedback

    Well, for the first time in 4 tries, I've finally made the book/toy collection prize - yay! 1st year with the haunted library theme, I found the gold book twice, but was missing 1 of the silver books... last two years with the toys, I would find every toy at least 2-3x, but never...
  11. Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    The Golden Crops is pretty decent for early game players, especially those who don't 'camp' for 12-18+ months in an early era... campers & mid/later era players will of course instead be focusing on the Harvest set from the daily specials, since those attacking army bonuses are the main focus...
  12. Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    So with the added ingredients from doing all possible Daily Challenges + incident drops, it looks like I'll be able to finish around 206-210 league pts for 0 dias. That's enough to fully evolve a Lv.9 Golden Crops, (not placing it though, 'cause it sucks!:P), and gain the 2nd Lv.1 base...
  13. Castle System - Feedback

    Invisible castles now?! C'mon guys, this is just downright embarrassing! Give us our damn castles now!!:mad::mad:
  14. Castle System - Feedback

    Anyone, regardless of their guild can easily max out both the daily negotiations & battles... Negotiations can be split between GE + GBG's. Fighting can be had instead from just 'hoodies, especially the bottom 'hoodies who tend to have spearchumpies or troops 3-4+ eras behind. You can even...
  15. Castle System - Feedback

    Finally!! :D Been waiting impatiently for this since it first dropped on beta.;)
  16. Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    Quest like this are exactly why I keep a small field of Blacksmiths in my cities... Whether it's event quest lines, or Daily Challenges, having 16-20+ Blacksmiths takes up little space, and means I'm never left hanging for very long waiting on crap to finish.:P
  17. Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    GE still offers a metric gak ton of Fountain of Youth + shrink kits in Lv4... Add in a Lv15-20+ ToR and you'll end up drowning in them after a couple of years. :P
  18. Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    There's the Fields selection kits as daily prizes, which are great for building Attacking Army bonuses... Other than that, there's really not much of worth in this event.
  19. Update 1.214 Feedback

  20. beta spoiler castle-system

    Apparently it's been given a limited 'further test release' on the German servers, so hopefully it'll get pushed out to all remaining live servers by the end of month/early October? No, I don't have any actual info/proof, etc... just a 'best guess'. ;)