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Search results

  1. beta forum spoiler GE lvl 5

    So all that said !!! Still no answer to my question !!!!!!! rather, try and show how great you are !!! Not.......
  2. beta forum spoiler GE lvl 5

    Mmm, it's exciting, to get GE 5 building up SBC !!! My concern is the diamonds !! I have two other worlds, that are set to blast GE. To get diamonds. I have been told diamonds will be halved on rewards ???? If that's the case, the game must be in breach of contract ! As I would have set up...
  3. 2023 St Patricks Event questions and non feedback comment

    Ahh, got it. Thanks mate, could not see the woods for the trees ! So to speak...
  4. 2023 St Patricks Event questions and non feedback comment

    Hi all, a quick one. Is there a building that produces Archdruid fragments ? Will need 50 after event. ? Think I saw a building that did, but can't find now !! Thanks everyone
  5. Victory expansion

    Hi all, I have just seen there are only a certain amount of victory expansion. I have done all mine. So I don't need medals ??? If so, what's the point in PvP on map ? Rewards medals ! Why bother sniping, if don't need fp. ! So lost a bit part of game !!!!!! Yes you can use for speed on GE...
  6. Pvp tower on main screen.

    Hello, I have gone up a level alone hard level on PvP is practically impossible, very unfair ! But will live with that.... On PvP same player I won on hard level. Next one I lost same player. How !!!!!!! Same player, same army !!! I used same army !!!! Tried to do same moves but it wiped me out...
  7. Pvp tower on main screen.

    I am on fel. Why does that matter !!!!!! I have just pressed refresh on pvp. Tower same player at the top, hard. But era went up one !!!!!!!! Totally proving pvp. Tower a fix, so why do we have to choose an army for it !!!!!! Just pretending to be fair !!!!!!
  8. Pvp tower on main screen.

    Hard fight.
  9. Pvp tower on main screen.

    Hi all, I just lost a fight in tower, playing manually, as I remember, player beats me on auto... Well lost, then next fight seconds later the player again.... So changed army to win, as I just lost, so know what army to fight....... I lost..... Totally different army, completely different on...
  10. Forge points

    Hi all, simple question, when you have forge points on a neighbour, when it changes, they are not there, do you lose points ?? It's a yes on No question. Thank you all so much.....
  11. Neighbours moving and forge points.

    Hi all, when the neighbours are changed, and I have forge points on building's, do I lose them ? As no way to see them once there is a change over ! Thanks so much all...
  12. Anyone seen the new announcement about GBG in beta?

    If they decide to ruin the game I will stop playing.... No point in having fighting guilds, why look at game when no attrition, lose fun in logging on no point, lose rewards for fighting, lose all motivation.... Why keep on changing, no one knows what's going on !!!! If this happens, there are...
  13. Advertising

    As from today, I have advertising, must watch to do game everywhere !! I play on mobile, it has ruined the whole game, it's at the friends tavern, on people's bar, just seen items round city, have to watch adds, to remove !! And now it's on story quests, have to watch adds.. !!!!! Over kill, why...