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  1. Update Update 1.180 Feedback

    I'm not sure if its just me being unlucky or a bug but after this update has happened, I haven't been getting any x4 collections in the Egyptian settlement.... I started 2 days back the 6th round and did not get even a single time either from the goods building (got 4 of them from yesterday) or...
  2. Closed Halloween Contest Part 3

    1. Haunted House 2. Notre Dame 3. Dark Doorway 4. Cathedral Of Aachen 5. Mad Scientist's Lab 6. The Black tower 7. Abandoned Asylum (Level 9) 8. Scarecrow 9. Chateau Frontenac 10. Haunted Tower 11. Jack O'Lantern Chapel 12. Necropolis
  3. Closed Halloween Contest Part 4

    Puzzle 1 - F4 Puzzle 2 - F1 Puzzle 3 - C5 Puzzle 4 - D2 Puzzle 5 - A4
  4. Closed Halloween Contest Part 2

    Jack O' Lantern
  5. Closed Halloween Contest Part 1

  6. New Content Cultural Settlements - Feudal Japan

    I did exactly that but it says i need to wait for 24hrs ... when checked with support they said thats how it should be. So I have been waiting now for the 24hrs to complete till tomorrow.
  7. New Content Cultural Settlements - Feudal Japan

    I also have it but cannot play it for the next 24hrs just because I abandoned the on-going Vikings settlement to play the Japanese settlement. Seriously never thought both these settlements will be connected for the time ban :(:?:mad:
  8. New Content Cultural Settlements - Feudal Japan

    Would have preferred having both the settlements (and all other planned settlements) running together at the same time. Changing from one to another within from the settlements (something similar to changing from one world to another from in-game). At least we will have something to do in one...
  9. Make a way to see guild-mates are online?

    The one you are saying is only for the Guild administrator's eyes ... Not for everybody in the guild. What the OP wanted was for everybody in the guild to know about other guild members being online. A colored Orb next to the player's avatar. He already mentioned the colors the Orbs should...
  10. Make a way to see guild-mates are online?

    I am actually neutral for this idea as a whole; Only trying to give a solution for the issue mentioned on here, like for example: Green - Active and on the game currently Yellow - On the game but currently Idle (maybe if there's no activity for a few minutes continuously) Grey - Active...
  11. [DISCUSSION] Foe City Planner

    @ingweland Its not calculating the population from regular residence buildings (both non-diamond & diamond buildings). Only calculating population from GBs and special buildings. I have currently negative population on City planner, been like that since the last update. Was under the impression...
  12. Update Update to 1.130

    @Sovereign :
  13. Update Update to 1.130

    No. Not till last week before this update. I am pretty sure of it as I have always been working my way through GE level 3 / 4 battles using hovers, where we had more than 2 Plasmas to attack, based on just that. Its not practically possible to fight now using hovers with this current change as...
  14. Update Update to 1.130

    I am still waiting for an answer on whether the change in Plasma's priority over the Hover's movement was really intended along with the rebalancing of Hover's abilities . Will be very helpful if I get an answer soon. Thank you.
  15. Update Update to 1.130

    Yes Just noticed the same. Was this really intended to be this way because nowhere in the announcement this particular change has been mentioned. Please would like to know the answer as soon as possible.
  16. Update Update to 1.130

    The difference here is, I don't really think any players in any of the servers complained about hovers being overpowered. What Players actually complained about is that the subsequent era units are weak. The dev's themselves decided on their own that its the Hover thats overpowered just because...
  17. Update Update to 1.130

    Finding the easy way out been the norm of the current set of dev's @ Inno. If they cannot find a solution to a problem just nerf the problem itself... never mind how long its been in use or what the customer base feels about it. Its just they don't want to take an effort to find a solution to...
  18. Closed The Forged Painting

    1. Cloud Missing 2. Last Stone Slab missing 3. Bird Missing 4. Window upside down 5. Flag missing 6. Window Missing 7. Stone Slab on the roof missing 8. Window colored (No colored glass in the original) 9. Window visible through the smoke (none in original) 10. Striped Barber Pole (not sure if...
  19. Event Summer Event 2017

    I can understand Residence and production special buildings produce something that can be plundered so they are not allowed to motivate but why should a cultural special building thats a part of the Indian Fountain set that offers nothing but happiness some % boosts on coins & supplies...