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Search results

  1. Do Not Suggest: New GB idea

    There are enough GBs in the game already but I think there should be a GB with a unique fighting boost: a chance to get your whole army back for the second wave of 2-wave battles. This is obviously not something players with other fighting GBs would build but a 3x3 or something with this boost...
  2. guild expedition Level 4

    Yes, the diamonds and special buildings + upgrade kits are definetly worth it.
  3. Plundering is actually stealing

    I just get defense with lvl 80 Galata on my main world. Actually works well :) I think that of you have paid diamonds, then foe should activate a shield to stop plunders as some people do pay money,
  4. Suggestion for new feature - Guild Contribution

    Oh wow I'd never noticed that. After 4 years of playing...
  5. Forge point package new feature suggestion

    Whenever I buy loads of FPs with coins I get tired of continously clicking the coin button each time. Surely we should just have FP bulk buying with ccoins as well as diamonds, right?
  6. Suggestion for new feature - Guild Contribution

    I was thinking something similar. I'm pretty sure it has been considered but inno never cam round to it.
  7. Are WWs worth it or is it easier to just get a higher level ToR and FoYs?

    In 2019, Wishing wells were easier to get and so I wouldnt ask but please gie me your thoughts as to whether WWs or FoYs are easier/more profitable.