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  1. New World Feedback Thread

    I think it does look a little different. But an actual different configuration of the landmass would be helpful when playing more than one world, and make it a bit more interesting.
  2. New World Feedback Thread

    Thanks folks, that was interesting to know. I didn't realise that worlds had been released alphabetically. Not sure if I personally want to take on another world but sounds like it will be popular. I really enjoy the visuals side of the game, so a different land layout would appeal to me but I...
  3. New World Feedback Thread

    I've never been in the game before where a new world is announced, so I am not sure just how exciting it is. Is it mainly long-established players who will find it the most stimulating? I have started new worlds and all I have played so far look the same (!) the initial play is the same, have...
  4. Closed September Fall Contest

    9 fudge, 13 cinnamon, 6 choc, 18 apples, 17 pumpkins
  5. Closed August Pirate Contest

    I am wearing a green, blue, violet and white top, so I guess that makes me Matey Two-Toe Peg-Leg Scurvy Freeloader. or Matey Freeloader for short, or maybe even Emfree?
  6. Trading past High Middle Ages Seems Difficult

    Trading in Later Middle ages goods in East-Nagach does not seem to be happening much if at all, have I made a mistake advancing to this age or will things start to even out again at some stage? I haven't been playing long enough to know if this is one of the periodic pitfalls of the game. Is it...
  7. Spoiler 2021 WILDLIFE EVENT

    I found the beta Wildlife event very entertaining and generous. There was a feeling of autonomy over the game-play, allowing it to be longer in duration and more satisfying than just pressing a button and crossing your fingers. Will be interesting to compare playing it in my other world when it...