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  1. Knight of ICE

    Wildlfe Event 2022 questions and non feedback comments.

    I thgink the start date is determined by the time inbetween events.
  2. Knight of ICE

    Event Wildlife Event 2022 Feedback Thread

    For questions about the Event and non feedback comments, go here https://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/wildlfe-event-2022-questions-and-non-feedback-comments.45512/
  3. Knight of ICE

    Wildlfe Event 2022 questions and non feedback comments.

    Use this thread for questions you have about the event and/or any other comments you have about the event that are not feedback. A comment that is not feedback is sharing your progress for instance.
  4. Knight of ICE

    Cultural Settlements

    Nobody has any idea. If and when one will be released, it will be on Beta first.
  5. Knight of ICE

    Confirmed: All carousels not working.

    All we can say is they are working on it. We have no insight on how long it will take.
  6. Knight of ICE

    Battle Add "Replace" Button

    Then why still post it? Similar ideas have already been forwarded. https://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/save-army-load-outs.37582/ https://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/battle-ui-adding-2-more-army-selection-tabs.36185/...
  7. Knight of ICE

    Do Not Suggest: More GvG maps

    There is no reason to discuss this. Changes/Additions to GvG are on the Do Not Suggest list. Inno has made it pretty clear they are no longer going to develop GvG.
  8. Knight of ICE

    Anyone seen the new announcement about GBG in beta?

    Like said, this is the Beta spoiler section and not the feedback section. Any comments you have on the subject, you need to put on the beta forum. There it is being tested and there the decision will be made if it will be brought to the live servers or not. As long it being tested on beta and it...
  9. Knight of ICE

    Anyone seen the new announcement about GBG in beta?

    You have a say if you are on the forum.
  10. Knight of ICE

    Anyone seen the new announcement about GBG in beta?

    I understand your concern, but you need to address it on beta. As long as it has not been brought to the live servers we can not fo anything with feedback given here.
  11. Knight of ICE

    How do I recognize ARC's udner 1 for 9

    You don't other than maybe a message in the players profile and it does not really matter. You are free to donate.
  12. Knight of ICE

    Aging up to Late Middle Ages

    Selections can change, based on quests you do or abort. Aborting a quest can start a totaly new path. Only when you do the exact same on all worlds, you will get the same quests.
  13. Knight of ICE

    Aging up to Late Middle Ages

    As far as I know, no changes have been made.
  14. Knight of ICE

    Can the Daily Recurring Quests be looked at?

    Even with quests players do not NEED to skip, they will still skip them and only do the ones they prefer. Different players prefer different challenges.
  15. Knight of ICE

    Already Suggested: test

    Changes to how to select units have already been suggested and forwarded to the devs.
  16. Knight of ICE

    Confirmed: Bug in Neighborly Helpers

    This is a known bug. They are working on it.
  17. Knight of ICE

    Lost goods

    Nobody on the forum can answer that question. Best guess would be you spend them. If you want to be sure what happened, contact Support.
  18. Knight of ICE

    a few suggestions and game feedback..

    I am sorry you do not like the answers, but I have no idea how you play the game and I can not look you up, so all I can do is give general advise. If you want to learn GvG, join a high ranked Guild. They are the ones most likely to do GvG. If you get bored by the daylies, just skip them. You...