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Search results

  1. lets have a champion of battles

    wow a blast from the past when i was first playing the game and riding high back in 2013
  2. Plundering is actually stealing

    yes but only because you can remain hidden away online, nice and safe
  3. Sniper?

    when i first started playing this game, we had no arks, no 1,9 thread, and gbs were maxed out to level 10, you made 24 points a day, 1 per hour and any extra from hagia or cdm, how on earth did we manage to get our gbs leveled up ? we had swap partners or players were free to donate if they were...
  4. GbG Champions League

    but most guilds just team up with other guilds to swap, the big guilds more so, i have no idea why a champions league would be needed ? as they dont play fair in the current form so what would they be champions of ? being the best guild who can swap with the aid of another guild ?
  5. Update 1.214 Feedback

    anything that slows down the points farmers is a good thing, make them work for there points instead of the mindless auto. lets hope it impacts those guilds who hide away in gvg who take and retake there own sectors, it would be great to see them slowed right down and other guilds able to attack...
  6. Army's

    sometimes you need to manual a fight, auto will not work but it depends on the troops your using and what your facing so produce a list of the troops and you can get a more detailed answer
  7. Reply Time

    i havent had this much fun in the forum for many years, now lets hope someone replies to my reply about your reply
  8. Reply Time

    i am replying to your post asking for people to reply to your post, i wonder if someone will reply to my post ? this game seems like fun ?
  9. Why I am leaving the game

    thats told him, well said we need players like you who can be combative and tell other players just who they think they are, ? but then i wonder who you think you are that you feel you can post the way you do ?
  10. Why I am leaving the game

    i agree totally with your whining complaint, about players whining and complaining all the time
  11. Defending in CA

    have a look what the attacker uses in his line up and plan a defense on that, but they will switch also if you manage to beat them so then you have to think what would they switch to and plan again, so you see there is no one size fits all in defenses, then of course you have the brain dead who...
  12. Define priority for Auto Battle

    if you know this then use 2 champs 6 rogues ? simple
  13. Why I am leaving the game

    i wonder how many players are now bored with gbg ? the time it takes has driven me into getting more of my own life back and less and less time on the game, i used to dominate all the pvp towers which was my main aim in the game, it gave me a huge challenge to try to win them all as some would...
  14. The best Age / Era to stay in ?

    i did the same a while ago and it brought back such happy memories of how this game used to be played, now its just gone fps, snipping ark, and boost boost boost crazy, if i had my way i would get rid of arks, get rid of 1,9, and most of all get rid of the auto battle button lol that should sort...
  15. The best Age / Era to stay in ?

    i think the removal of all attack gbs would be a great boost, players have got lazy they only want to click an auto button, can you remember the fun trying to beat a defense by using the right troops and using the maps with there boosts sectors you would land on for more damage ? we should also...
  16. The best Age / Era to stay in ?

    can you not play the game without having a higher level boost ? if everyone had level 10 caps we would all have an equal footing ? more a challenge if lots of players can do the same dont you think ? or would you rather have 1 player on level 100 and others on level 3 ? is that what you think a...
  17. General conversation

    well done but set your sights on winning all the pvp tornaments, its a lot harder trying to win each era each week but its a good challenge
  18. Why did they make it take hours for things to complete.

    this is a game that takes years its a long time game not a quick bang type of game, we all wanted things to be quicker in the early days we had to wait full times for the troops to heal, we couldnt even beat the hoods in one go as troops health played its part, until the traz came along but it...
  19. The best Age / Era to stay in ?

    i feel cheated by players who hang around in low eras, when i first started the game no one hung around in low eras, you had to keep on moving forward for the best troops, there was no 1.9 thread, no ark, so come on inno make these players have to play the game like we had to back in the day...
  20. Tower & Tournaments

    some of us still play this old pvp game as it was the only way to fight and prove yourself in the beginning, i still try to win all the towers that i can i put this pvp old game at number 1 for me, i am a dinosaur i know but i love trying to win the towers its never gone away, i just wish gbg...