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Search results

  1. punita

    Best era to camp and tips

    I'm currently in Lma and plan to age up in the next gbg, should I go to ca or directly go to industrial age? Also please give some aging up tips of before and after aging up Im a fighter btw and att/def currently is 554/531%. Also i have some good att building to place yet
  2. punita

    Confirmed: Rewards from building have too much space

    World: Sinernia Browser and Version: Chrome's latest version Overview of the bug: When you collect from a building that gives more than 3 rewards, then the space b/w popup is too much Screenshots: actual screenshot will be provided after 18-19 hrs but I have attached an example (sorry for bad...
  3. punita

    Not a Bug: New daily challenge giver top cut off

    World: Sinernia Browser and Version: chrome's latest version Overview of the bug: the new quest giver, top (blue part) is partially cut off Screenshots: are attached below How often this occurs: Always Urgency: just a minor visual bug Preventative Actions: clear cookies/cache. I have performed a...
  4. punita

    New Bug: New build in main city

    World: Sinernia Browser and Version: Chrome latest version - (Chrome/98.0.4758.82) from game setting Overview of the bug: If I get a new building in a settlement that makes the build button glow, then I come back to the main city but the build button keeps glowing. Screenshots: Attached How...
  5. punita

    Exact 10 Million Points

  6. punita

    Some really difficult choice there

  7. punita

    Rare Sight

    Rare sight for a player with lvl 83 arc to see 0 fps in stock (i.e. me)
  8. punita

    October quiz

    What are we supposed to do in October quiz? Do we have to choose a random foe Avatar or do we have to modify it or anything else
  9. punita

    Reply Time

    Here 1st viewer will use reply feature to reply to my post. Next will reply to the post which replied to my post and so on. Lemme start the conversation Hi, enjoying the game?
  10. punita

    Game lagging

    Today,the game is lagging a lot. I m using it on my daily device(it is a laptop) ,it used to run smooth before. I did no update to my pc,no hardware/software change bot still the game feels like laggy and running on 5-10 fps.My pc is pretty decent so no problems with pc. I did other things like...
  11. punita

    Whisper feature

    Can someone tell me about whisper feature in chat.
  12. punita

    Age up

    Im planning to age up from hma to lma. My attack is 167/219. coins-31M,supplies-20M,goods-7-8k of each hma type, 300 of each lma type. So it it fine for me to age up and please give some tips on what to do after i age up.
  13. punita

    Do Not Suggest: Achievement give rewards

    Proposal: To add some rewards when we get achievements Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?: It has been suggested once before but it was not formatted, had no poll and not much viewed. I...
  14. punita

    Forge point

    How much fps do you guys make daily(excluding hc,bg,gbg etc) and what are your fps stock(forge packs)
  15. punita

    July wildlife

    When will the result be declared for july wildlife contest?
  16. punita

    New Bug: Not a neighbor

    When i click on player ranking list,i see a player as neigbour above me (arrow sign) but when i see social tab,he is not even a neighbour
  17. punita

    Goods Please

    Anyone interested to trade hma to ema (i offer 60 hma and want 100 ema)
  18. punita

    Do Not Suggest: New Idea New attack building

    Proposal: Add a tower which provides attack. We have defence for attacking army,attack and defence for defending army tower but we dont have a tower for attack for attacking army Reason: People who started a few months back will have lower attack than defence as the new buildings had defence...
  19. punita

    One shot kill

    how much attack is required for hma artillery unit(trebuchet) to one shot kill other hma units?