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Search results

  1. punita

    Best era to camp and tips

    I'm currently in Lma and plan to age up in the next gbg, should I go to ca or directly go to industrial age? Also please give some aging up tips of before and after aging up Im a fighter btw and att/def currently is 554/531%. Also i have some good att building to place yet
  2. punita

    Confirmed: Rewards from building have too much space

    World: Sinernia Browser and Version: Chrome's latest version Overview of the bug: When you collect from a building that gives more than 3 rewards, then the space b/w popup is too much Screenshots: actual screenshot will be provided after 18-19 hrs but I have attached an example (sorry for bad...
  3. punita

    Not a Bug: New daily challenge giver top cut off

    maybe his feather could be made smaller, idk I'm not a graphical designer
  4. punita

    Not a Bug: New daily challenge giver top cut off

    he just looks weird with his hat feather cut off
  5. punita

    Not a Bug: New daily challenge giver top cut off

    maybe make him a bit small
  6. punita

    In-game achievements

    More than 500% boost in LMA.
  7. punita

    In-game achievements

    Highest attrition achieved by me.
  8. punita

    Not a Bug: New daily challenge giver top cut off

    World: Sinernia Browser and Version: chrome's latest version Overview of the bug: the new quest giver, top (blue part) is partially cut off Screenshots: are attached below How often this occurs: Always Urgency: just a minor visual bug Preventative Actions: clear cookies/cache. I have performed a...
  9. punita

    Closed May Archaeology Contest!

    1) letter T 2) Darkness 3)Loot Fun Awesome lots oh shiny
  10. punita

    How strong is your attack boost

    LMA 12.6M points 514/459% att/def
  11. punita

    Closed March Forum Contest

    Thnx a lot
  12. punita


  13. punita

    New Bug: New build in main city

    World: Sinernia Browser and Version: Chrome latest version - (Chrome/98.0.4758.82) from game setting Overview of the bug: If I get a new building in a settlement that makes the build button glow, then I come back to the main city but the build button keeps glowing. Screenshots: Attached How...
  14. punita

    Exact 10 Million Points

  15. punita

    Some really difficult choice there

  16. punita

    Closed January Sports Contest

    I cheer from Rohit Sharma from the Indian Cricket team. I cheer for him because he is quite talented and scores an amazing run.
  17. punita

    Jolie VS Festive - Winter EVENT

    I'm in LMA Which shall I choose boost for attacking army att/def are- 393/327
  18. punita

    Closed November Kindness Contest

    Kindness is one of the seven virtues. The right and loving attitude to other people can be defined. “Kindness is a sign that deaf people can understand and blind people can see.” Adolescence is an action, which spreads joy, pleasure without boundaries, universal joy. Nature is so kind to us...