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Search results

  1. Romalo5


    New Guild already has 13 members and, after only two weeks, has risen half-way up the Guild Rankings. New player of all abilities invited to join and share this exciting experience! Free 20FPs to all new members.
  2. Romalo5


    Guild 'AVE BELLUM' has established a Leadership Training Academy. The Academy is for any player who wants to join the Guild temporarily and become a 'Leader' for an agreed period of time. This will allow a player to try out the role of LEADER to see how it fits with their style of play. Help and...
  3. Romalo5

    QING DYNASTY Recruiting.

    Moved to NEW FUTURE
  4. Romalo5

    Lost Founder!!

    Hey ... thanks everyone. The replies were very helpful. Thanks for taking the time
  5. Romalo5

    Lost Founder!!

    Our Founder has left the Guild without appointing another to take their place. What can we do? How can we appoint another Founder ... none of us have rights above LEADER!
  6. Romalo5

    Why do you play Forge of Empires?

    I'm 70 so I can't remember what brought me here - wherever here is - and can't imagine why I stay!
  7. Romalo5

    Lots of friends in Guild AVE BELLUM ... come on in.

    Lots of friends in Guild AVE BELLUM ... come on in.
  8. Romalo5

    Just though I should log in to give everyone a 'heads up'. Ave Bellum marches on and we are now...

    Just though I should log in to give everyone a 'heads up'. Ave Bellum marches on and we are now 'rated' number 170 in Dinegu. We are very active and have some hugely enthusiastic players - we participate in every facet of FoE.
  9. Romalo5

    LOOKING.... For A Guild ? Try Lathspellette - A Sister to Lathspell.

    I have a 'Friend' SillyDevil. On her information she shows as belonging to a Guild Láthspellette but because it is spelt with a 'foreign accent' over the letter 'a' it means that the Guild does not show in any of the search engines - this an English-language server! Is this your Guild and did...
  10. Romalo5

    Global Rankings Symbols

    Muchas gracias!
  11. Romalo5

    Global Rankings Symbols

    When you look up the Global Rankings Table some of the players have 'symbols' to the right of their names ... up-arrows, shield, etc. Does anyone know what they mean?
  12. Romalo5

    City Trees Changed

    Must be the influence of the Eco-bunnies ... plant trees dear and it will solve all the World's problems!
  13. Romalo5

    Ave Bellum

    AVE BELLUM Another two players joined this month. Everyone seems to be battling through this virus thing ... I am told that whisky is a very good preventative! Still happy to accept more players into the Guild.
  14. Romalo5

    Ave Bellum

    Recently recruited a very experienced player with 15,000,000+ points and another who is an absolute beginner. All are welcome in our Guild. Still doing consistently well in GbG and have had four sectors in GvG for some time now earning loads of Power for the Guild. Always a warm welcome and a...
  15. Romalo5

    New Content Research Tech Tree Feedback

    Ghastly, horrible, does not mesh with design of other pages. Terrible in sunlight ... I have to drape the cat over the PC so that I can see anything. I can see the need for the changes/updates in functionality but why such a drastic change in design? Did somebody on the design team have an 'off...
  16. Romalo5

    Do Not Suggest: Buildings Swap within Guild

    It is very sad that some people seem to have little else to occupy themselves with than playing this game and reading DNSL (whatever that is).
  17. Romalo5

    Do Not Suggest: Buildings Swap within Guild

    Do you think it would be a good idea to build in a function to allow Guild Members to donate/exchange buildings (not GBs) to other members of their own Guild. It would allow 'experienced' players to give newer players a meaningful boost whilst also allowing them to get rid of surplus stock other...
  18. Romalo5

    Make upgrade kits for buildings Age up feature a selection

    This is a excellent idea. I would vote for it.
  19. Romalo5

    Time Clock

    A sound idea and the clock could display what used to be called GMT (can't remember what it is called now).
  20. Romalo5

    Winter Event 2019 - Every train needs a Caboose.

    Please don't take this the wrong way but back in "the Old Country" we call them GUARDS VANS or BRAKE VANS ... but then we invented railways!! Ooops ... no offence meant to 'the Colonies' ... oh, dam, there I go again!