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Search results

  1. Goblin The Great King

    Special goods buildings. What era to build? (Tribal square, Terrace Farm, Sunken Treasure etc...)

    Main table definitions: 1) Population per square. Shows how many people you get from 1 tile of the most effective (people per tile) non premium residential building from the particular age. 1) 8x8x8 production. Shows how many tiles you need to get 30 goods per day if you place 3x8 hours jobs in...
  2. Goblin The Great King

    Fixed: 3840*1080 max out screen bug

    This bug is only shown on the max outed screen 3840*1080. Other windows like GE and fighting are centered out and looks clean.
  3. Goblin The Great King

    GE video tutorial (Guild Expedition) with minimal resource loss

    In case you don't know how to play GE in FoE or searching for GE guide, here is the video tutorial on how to do GE with minimal loss. My other works: PRO - Arc swap group automatic equal donations calculator Great Building Donation Strategy Calculator (Optimal FP to GB donation now...
  4. Goblin The Great King

    "Fair Trade" completely unfair. True fair trade calculator

    If you want to know trading basis you can read here: Goods buildings explained At the moment most of players call 1:1 in the same age and 2:1 to one era dirrefence "fair". What I call fair? Fair is when you can generate the same resource rather than trading it to your guildmates with the same...
  5. Goblin The Great King

    PRO - Arc swap group automatic equal donations calculator

    Hello, Video tutorial on how to use the table, and what is it for: I've made this document for any group of up to 6 people. Arc level is up to 103. Document takes into consideration all rewards (1-5 positions) and current Arc level bonus of reward taker. With this document you can plan on how...
  6. Goblin The Great King

    Great Building Donation Strategy Calculator (Optimal FP to GB donation now automated!)

    Excel spreadsheet to calculate the price to lock down the spot and price per blueprint. It's all commented and manual included, so you'll get it nice and easy. All you have to do is type in 5 numbers and you have your calculation ready for you! upd. 19.12.17 - file reuploaded. Arc bonus...