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Search results

  1. vfrmark

    Unformatted: Goods building sizes, game imbalance.

    Alas for last 9 years it has worked so odds of this changing is remote to zero. Its pretty balanced and trick to look at is is it balanced over ages so one age you get small buildings and next you get the rarer larger buildings
  2. vfrmark

    challenge/quest wont complete

    Next province maybe?
  3. vfrmark

    Forwarded: Hide Defending Army v3

    Thanks Dr horace for noticing that I had not voted, now voted and 83% in favour so far
  4. vfrmark

    New Content Castle System Additional Levels Feedback

    Looks like inno real plan has been understood by many, buy diamonds.................
  5. vfrmark

    Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    there is one unfair aspect of GbG and thats the building slots, for a guild on the edge they have no slots or maybe 1 slot but for a guild in the centre swapping sectors with another they have at least 2 sometimes 3 building slots. This makes it much more difficult for a outer guild to break...
  6. vfrmark

    Forwarded: Hide Defending Army v3

    Yes, pain in bottom when you have 8 of the same units defending and you want to attack with them. Good idea +1
  7. vfrmark

    Other Valentine's Sale Feedback

    Medals always useful for new players
  8. vfrmark

    New feature buying fp's

    I think my next fp is 1,300,000 coins, so I do buy a lot of fp and I am aware of players at 1.5 million per fp
  9. vfrmark

    Guild vs Guild Small guild vs Big Guild.

    Opps, should have read title better
  10. vfrmark

    Event Forge Bowl 2022 Feedback

    Stratagy was not to spend any balls till the daily prize you wanted came up. but you should be swapping the daily special each day if its not the one you want. So in my case swaping the DS after about 12 days got me a Winning Plaza and the tick then is to buy the ultimate coach for 150...
  11. vfrmark

    Guild vs Guild Small guild vs Big Guild.

    Hes a diamond player and inno love him. hes putting SC in each sector he takes and hence can just fight pretty much all day long. hes a small guild with a big players pockets
  12. vfrmark

    New feature buying fp's

    thats great for those needing 10 FP but if i want to buy 200 its a horrid job still. worse was the delay they inserted after buying FP, there was a time you could click click click but its now click wait click wait click, no idea when they changed that
  13. vfrmark

    New feature buying fp's

    A very sensible reply and suggestion, 100% agree
  14. vfrmark

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    Pointless building and for most players the game is always about removing buildings when no longer any good, so it sgood to hear that it will "change" or "go". If it becomes useful maybe but today its just a pointless waste of space
  15. vfrmark

    Closed January Sports Contest

    Leeds United football team, because I choose them at the age of 6 and you do not change teams once choosen ;)
  16. vfrmark

    Is there a way to change the Battle Map to 1440p ?!?

    ?? I have no problem, playing on a big AG352UCG6 screen and set to 3440x1440 with refresh at 120 hertz - game looks sharp and no pixels at all even on maps. you normally control the display via the monitor settings not the game settings, try playing in there because screen might be a 1440p...
  17. vfrmark

    Why I am leaving the game

    agreed, it was in Beta that we were told the real reason for GbG which was to give a game like GvG to mobile AND design it in such a way that guilds will spend their massive banks of goods and hence get players to spend theirs too. always so much better hearing a developer being honest and wish...
  18. vfrmark

    Castle System - Feedback

    a few players reporting that they are on L4 already due to buying big batches of diamonds, he said on global XL= 35k castle points
  19. vfrmark

    How to skip Intro Tutorial

    when you have been playing 8 years why force us to do the tutorial - just a waste of time with no enjoyment at all. really need a skip button
  20. vfrmark

    Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    I did win a WW from grand prize, but pretty sure I got one in daily prizes but only via swopping the thing that was there, agreed it might have been fragments as was not collecting WW so did not hang around as not pleased with swop.