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Search results

  1. Zeratul 2.0

    I have reached my cognitive limit the game has become too difficult for me

    I have reached my cognitive limit. The game has become too difficult for me, in later ages (Tomorrow, and the Futures (Future, Arctic Future, Oceanic Future, Virtual Future...) And the city (size) has grown too big for me to manage to my own satisfaction. So my question is what pill should I...
  2. Zeratul 2.0

    Arctic Future Story Quest Roadmap

    The following is a flow chart of all the Arctic Future story quests indicating which quest leading to which quest on which condition, and what are the rewards for each quest. Question: Is it (the chart) useful? Answer: Probably not. Question: Then why am I sharing it? Answer: Because I have put...
  3. Zeratul 2.0

    Where are my, "promethium", stored if I took Arctic Future provinces while in an early age

    I'm in "Tomorrow" age and have progressed two ages ahead on the c-map to Arctic Future, and received some "purple crystals" when conquering a province. And I learned from a "3rd party wiki" :P that these purple crystals are "promethium". These [ores] are rewarded but I can't find them anywhere...
  4. Zeratul 2.0

    The Use of One Massive Self-Aid Kit as Two

    Not everyone is in a super, big, bustling & thriving guild of many people, and has a maxed out friend list -- so that all their buildings got polished and motivated every day, and they receive the message saying "Some-some-body has aided you but there is nothing to polish or motivate at this...
  5. Zeratul 2.0

    This is "mental"

    So there is this guy, in our guild, who is in my ignore list. Why? Because I seriously believe everything this guy says has a hidden meaning and he is playing some kind of mind game and is teasing me and making fun of me. Now, the ignore function only works in terms of private message. In guild...
  6. Zeratul 2.0

    RPG-Style PvP

    Proposal: An overhaul of (or major adjustment to) the existing PvP tower and transform it into RPG style. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? I have been hanging around the forum since the...
  7. Zeratul 2.0

    Do you think it is a good idea to create a "unidirectional x1.9 thread" based on the friend list

    Do you think it is a good idea to create a "unidirectional x1.9 thread" based on your friend list? -- Wherein "unidirectional" means only you (for example, if you are Bewildered Zeratul) can advertise the x1.9 spots for friends to take. Others cannot advertise x1.9 spots because it is not...
  8. Zeratul 2.0

    A Guide for All Guild Leaders - Two-Lane x1.9 Thread

    It is out there, obvious and simple. But no one thought of it. In each top guild, there is only one x1.9 thread. Crowded and disorderly. Long waiting list and simultaneous calling of spots happen all the time. Also, the x1.9 thread always has extremely strict rules such as exact math for...
  9. Zeratul 2.0

    I sense something dubious

    I have to be very generalized about this topic in order not to pinpoint individuals (not to name names), so, here it goes -- How can you tell whether somebody is playing tricks, or put plainly, straightout lying? I mean it is suspected (but not sure) that they have not a tinge of genuineness...
  10. Zeratul 2.0

    Battle "Perfect Wins"

    The following two videos demonstrate how to achieve battle "perfect wins" (meaning "without a scratch" for your own units) Our units have about 400% attacking bonus and about 200% defending bonus. The GbG attrition is about 30 at the moment and therefore the enemy units have about 200%...
  11. Zeratul 2.0

    Root of problems, cause of conflictions, contributor of misunderstandings, trigger of @rguments (without innuendo to any other thread), and what not.

    The main problem is that one party of the argument (without innuendo to any other thread) appears to have much to say but it is for the "public space" only, and he or she addresses everyone or anyone (be it even no one at all, which makes it a monologue), and one thing he or she is NOT doing is...
  12. Zeratul 2.0

    Bullying Two Point O -- Deplatforming

    I find a problem and I'm posting here instead of issuing a support ticket because (I think) this is more of a community issue and less of game issue. I call it Bullying 2.0 -- it is a more advanced form of bullying the way I see it. All the regular forum users already know where the majority...
  13. Zeratul 2.0

    Not a Bug: Enemy Lancer Facing the Wrong Direction

    We all know that all units always face the "charging forward" direction, "towards the opponent" direction, unless when it is attacked by opponent from behind, in which case it will turn around. But as show in picture below, this enemy Lancer is facing the other direction away from my units for...
  14. Zeratul 2.0

    Sunken Treasure is so expensive, and so on and so forth

    Sunken Treasure is so expensive! It would cost all my Trade Coins and Gemstones. And also, my Internet connection is so poor -- it just keeps loading and loading. ... Actually, my main point is the second part, the "and also" part. The almighty government and savior Party of our beloved...
  15. Zeratul 2.0

    Confirmed: Mouseover text "Town Hall (XXXX Age)" not showing

    Enter other player's city. Hover the cursor on the town hall. The text/tip/hint "Town Hall (XXX Age)" does not appear. -- Mostly. It does not appear for about eight out of ten players/cities. For the other one or two cases, it is normal as before. Environment: Operating system Window 10...
  16. Zeratul 2.0

    Not a Bug: New Reconstruction Mode Starts on the Basis of Old Layout

    When I clicked "reconstruction" -- first of all, a notice appeared, which I habitually dismissed, so I didn't get to read what is in it. After that, I found that I wanted to read the notice. I think it must be some changes made to the reconstruction mode. I clicked the reconstruction button...
  17. Zeratul 2.0

    To abort, or not to abort, that is the question

    I've been rotating the recurring quests for about half a year now. Today a new situation emerges (probably due to the discovery of a new province, which in turn due to the carnival event Quest 29), as indicated in the following screenshot. This new situation interrupted my half-a-year routine...
  18. Zeratul 2.0

    Not a Bug: Coin production countdown did not start after house is built (in viking settlement)

    I've just started a new round of the cultural settlment mini game. After collecting the 1st batch of 5 axes, I immediately opened an expansion and added two shacks. As the construction takes 1 minute, I exit to main city to check something. And then, unfortunately, I forgot about the settlment...
  19. Zeratul 2.0

    Deliver those settlement rewards in a timely manner

    Proposal: Put the viking settlement rewards into inventory as soon as the 20th quest is finished. Have you checked the forums for the same or similar idea: Yes and by the way, the search function in the upper right corner of this page is just so so... Go to Google and search like this...